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NY Assembly Candidate Daby Carreras Offers Strong Opposition to Incumbent Robert Rodriguez in East Harlem

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By Ken Gibson
The words Spanish Harlem resonate with me, bringing to mind the bittersweet melody of Elton John’s 1972 ballad “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters.” New to the US, he and his lyricist could not ignore this city and El Barrio, as Spanish Harlem is also called.
But while two British rockers could not ignore El Barrio, it seems that the local politicians are doing just that. In this time of crisis, with all of the city in some stage of lock down and people just going nuts, there is nary a word from their reps. NY State Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez just keeps on with a business as usual, going up to Albany and getting his 6 figure pay.
This brings to mind yet another Elton classic from 1984:  “Restless”
It’s a hot summer night in the blackboard jungle
Crime sits heavy on the city shoulder
Can’t get no work, I can’t get a job
I just sit and play my radio in the parking lot
Well they’re breaking down doors in foreign countries
Everybody thinks somebody’s hiding something
There’s talk on the street and the nation is worried
But you can’t talk back when you’re dead, when you’re dead and buried
And everybody’s restless
Everybody’s scared
Everybody’s looking for something that just ain’t there
Everybody’s restless
Well we could be children from the way we’re acting
We feed ourselves lies and then we scream for action
We just breed and we lose our nerve
And there’s bombs going off in every corner of the world
And everybody’s restless
Everybody’s scared
That sums up the mood. People are scared, people are worried, people are restless.
And having politicians who just want to tell us it’s all Donald Trump’s fault exacerbates this. When all they can do is talk about Trump, we know something is wrong. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat with two $24,000 freezers full of expensive ice cream, is even calling the Wuhan virus the “Trump virus.”
So don’t ask Rodriguez or Pelosi to help; they can afford tons of ice cream, they will stay cool, and you will burn up in the heatwave. They just hope you don’t forget to vote for them.
But all is not bad. Native son Daby Carreras has been seen around town doing his usual stuff. Which is what?
Helping the Salvation Army with cooling clinics; supporting local youth clubs; doing giveaways of maps of Central Park and stamps for children caught up in the lockdown; and giving his own blood, including white cells, so that others’ lives may be saved. Pelosi might take note; and Rodriguez as well.
If they are not, the constituents of Spanish Harlem are, and that is why Carreras is on the ballot for the 68th NY State Assembly district, which runs from 97th Street to 137th and from the East River to Central Park West. In fact it includes a good swathe of the park, which, in this time of forced idleness, is a refuge, with ample space for social distancing. Huge as it is, a map is needed. And maps are being offered free on his site – www.votedaby.com
That does seem a bit unusual for a candidate. Where is the talk about crime and grime, taxes and axes to grind? Well, he is well aware of all these issues, but the abundance of negativity, he is not just offering people more negativity. Enough is enough. He sees what is needed and offers that.
For people locked in their apartments, under virtual house arrest, and forced to wear masks like a probationer might wear an ankle bracelet, immediate remedies are what is needed, not lengthy debates about taxes up in Albany.
But while Daby’s sense of being in touch with the district and his many years of volunteer work are a real plus, there is a unique aspect to this campaign that sets him apart even more.
Daby is a money manager on Wall Street, working at Spartan Capital which handles wealth in a number of ways. It works directly with top companies, raising capital for such international firms as Rio Tinto. Daby and I had a long talk last week about the possibility of hyper inflation, which he sees as not that much of a threat, given the world’s respect for US Treasury notes – which in turn is kept up by having a strong military. He sees the corresponding rises in gold and petrol prices a positive sign, and with all his expert analysis has made his clients money in time of crisis.
Few politicians have this level of experience with real finance. Most are lawyers, some are just politicians. Knowing how finance works enables a candidate to improve the economy of their district, which is a key issue with NY68, much of which is impoverished.
But there is another angle to Daby and his Wall Street experience. It is that jobs are needed not just in Spanish Harlem, but in all 50 states. Where have these jobs gone? Mostly to China.
And it is from China that jobs will be clawed back – not by a bevy of lawyers and career politicians who have never even had a job outside of the legislature. AOC and her hyper activists have not brought one job back and they don’t even pretend to be able to. But Daby is not afraid to take this on. He is joining forces with people like Bruce Levy, Harvard MbA and a figure in the world of sports, to lobby US companies to bring industry back to the US. Without which, how is anyone going to earn a living? Hyper inflation does seem to be a looming threat if the US does not act.
But many people would rather hear speeches from AOC than support a real movement. And some people would rather have the incumbent – Robert Rodriguez – whose most notable act in Albany may have been to get arrested for drunk driving and refuse to take a breath test – in power.
Which would be a shame, but perhaps not to be expected. He did not do well in the Democrat primary, a political unknown took 45% of the vote; Tamika Mapp, who had only 2% of the campaign money he had to work with, almost took him down.
Many are hoping that Daby Carreras will take him down further in November, and that once in Albany, his sober experience of finance will bring jobs and prosperity back to not only Spanish Harlem but to the nation as well.
Check out what is happening with his campaign at www.votedaby.com and help elect an experienced man for the job of bringing back jobs.

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  • Daby is a real philanthropist and the good thing is he knows how to improve the economy. NY needs him, not the clowns who are in power like de Blasio – even the liberal NY Daily News detests him now and did his wife steal $1billion from charities????
    Just asking. I’d like an answer. I think Daby will have one and he will put a stop to the stealing going on in Gracie Mansion.

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