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Congressman Chris Jacobs and the U.S. Postal Service

Residents of Eugene, Oregon were shocked to learn at least 31 mailboxes had been taken off the streets on Thursday, August 14

William Fine

While Democratic Rep. Brian Higgins has vociferously railed against the Trump administration’s attack on the U.S.P.S., Republican Rep. Chris Jacobs has not denounced the politically motivated slowing of Postal Services.

The United States Postal Service is vital for the economy especially in small towns and villages in Western New York, an area represented by Chris Jacobs. In the past few months the Post Service has taken measures to slow the mail and cause disruptions in services vital to the region. Jerry Zremski reported in the Buffalo News, (8/13/20), that:

“The Postal Service has removed five of the 20 mail sorting machines from the William Street facility, Resetarits, (Frank Resetarits, president of American Postal Workers Union Local 374), said. Called delivery bar code sorters, the machines sort mail the size of letters and postcards, including mail-in ballots.”

Small businesses depend upon the Postal Service and many rural residents depend upon the Postal Service for medication and food items. Forcing the Postal Service to be a for-profit service will cost rural areas far more to mail letters, postcards, and packages, it is an added tax that economically depressed Western New York doesn’t need. When the residents of Livingston, Orleans, Genesee and Wyoming Counties learn that Mr. Jacobs is supporting disruption of services and a tax increase the voters will not be happy. It is time for Mr. Jacobs to hold a town-hall-style meeting and explain his position to his constituents. Thank you

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  • I think I can explain it for him. He is a Dem, and the Dems think they own the USPS. The Pelosis seem to sell of USPS property to their friends. Cheap. Maybe that is what AOC meant by reps doing insider trading.
    And then again, slowing the USPS and issuing mail in ballots that any creep can fill out (mostly for Dems) is a way to hang more chad
    on the American people, cause chaos, and allow China to profit.
    Ask Chris if I’m correct; that is if he even shows up.

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