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6 Handy Golf Accessories

Golf is a sport universally revered and played by all. It had long shed the stereotype associated to it that it is a game reserved simply for the middle-aged. However, golf is a lot of fun, very versatile, and very engaging. It is a sport that can get you addicted and find you returning to the course every single weekend.

Our lives have become so busy, so consumed by work, so fixated on the pursuit of money, that it is essential one finds a sport like golf to take their mind off of the world and lose themselves. Golf is a lot of fun and very easy to play. This page will hope to tell you six handy golf accessories that you absolutely must not venture onto the green without. If you do not set out without the accessories listed below, your game will certainly be affected.

Here are six handy golf accessories.


Pushcarts make the entire golfing experience much easier. Golf is a sport that requires you to bring a number of accessories along, and these accessories and essentials can become very heavy. It is often impossible for somebody to carry all of their golfing equipment by hand around the course with them, which is why people bring caddies and carts.

A pushcart will mean you can spend more time playing golf and less time worrying about your aching arms. When you are choosing the best gold pushcart you should select one that is easy to push, and easy to transport. Many pushcarts are foldable and can be stored inside your vehicle and can be unfolded and prepared very easily.

Bringing a pushcart will also mean you save money and do not have to hire out a caddy for the day, which can be very, very expensive.

Club Bags

When you are going to the golf course, you will likely want to bring more than a single club. When venturing out with multiple gloves, it is essential that you bring bags for your golf clubs. Bringing bags for golf clubs will ensure your clubs do not become damaged in transit and that they are easily accessible.

Many people venture out without club bags and just leave their clubs leaning openly against their cart; this is bad practise, and to ensure your clubs stay usable for many years, bring a golf club bag and keep them in them until you are ready to use them.


Bringing multiple balls to the green with you is very important. It is commonplace for golfers to lose their balls and thereby compromise their day on the green. Back-up balls are crucial should you want to be able to play an entire day on the green without having to go into a store and pick up more balls.

The balls sold at the course store will likely be very expensive and of poor quality. Always have back-up balls in your bag so that you are covered in case you lose your main balls.

Polarized Glasses

Polarized glasses block the glare from the sun. They are very effective when it comes to playing golf and can allow you to track your balls as you hit them out onto the course. On a bright and sunny day, you will very quickly lose track of all of your balls and be unable to see without being nearly blinded.

Polarized sunglasses are a great asset when it comes to golf and you should definitely invest in them. They can also allow you to see through the surface of the water to trackballs lost in it.


Wearing a sunhat when you are out on the golf course, or a golfing cap is very important. Long hours spent in the sun can risk melanoma, a type of skin cancer, which can be fatal. You should make sure that you moisturise your skin with protective lotions and protect yourself from potentially damaging your skin.

At the very least, by not wearing a golfing cap, you may wind up with a nasty case of sunburn. Always protect yourself when spending long hours in the sun as it can be very dangerous if you do not. Look after your skin.


Gloves are another essential accessory you simply cannot venture onto the course without. Gloves will enable you to have proper purchase on your club when you are playing. If you do not wear gloves, you risk tossing your club into the air and damaging it (or somebody standing in your way!). Golfing clubs are usually very economical and are absolutely crucial.

Now you know six accessories that one cannot play golf without. With global restrictions being lifted following the coronavirus pandemic, we are beginning to be allowed to return to the golf course. Make sure you return with everything that you need!

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