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Dear Auntie Answers Readers Questions on Love and Relationship


                                                             BY D.SCOTT


DEAR AUNTIE: Recently I have noticed that the mainstream media and blogs are posting a lot of abusive visuals. It seems like everyone is interested in bad news. There are hardly any positive images of people being cohesive and moving forward. As of now racial tensions are high. I understand that. But I feel like we are being desensitized to good people and good things happening. I try to keep my energy high and it is difficult with everything going on in the world and it being televised. When do you think we as a nation will go back to normal? Normal to me is not having to be so politically correct and offending everyone at every turn with every word or tweet from years ago.

                                                               Reginald from UNKNOWN

DEAR REGINALD: You basically answered all of your own questions. That is the only reason I am not going to “gather” you in my typical fashion. You stated that things that are going on in the world are being televised and we are being desensitized. Just imagine what was not caught on camera. Normal to you means that you are allowed to say whatever you want to whomever you want. Well sir, people are going to jail for that these days. People are also not as cohesive when being called racial slurs. That mixed with mental health issues and centuries of abuse is getting people handled.

When we still have lynching’s and public hangings in the South ruled as suicide, that needs to be televised. When the officers that killed Breonna Taylor ( in her sleep) are still not in jail but Lori Loughlin has to serve two months in jail for forging her daughters transcript, we have a problem. I am not going to go into the fact that I am aware we have millions of good people in this country. Most good people are genuinely good and don’t require a camera or recognition. They will always win in this realm. You are not truly “good” until you do something for someone that can never repay you.

I am in agreeance that as a country we let a lot of things slide. The 70’s and 80’s had a lot of television shows that were openly racist and one sided. People actually became desensitized to that. Hence why when all these movements came about people were confused. It is not that the people that were targeted didn’t care. They were the minority. Whether a woman at an all male facility, a different ethnic group or those of a different sexual pronoun, those are all minorities in this country. They went along with the majority. Now they don’t have to.

If we as a country go back to the old normal then we have failed as humans. I don’t care who I offend when I speak. Yet I don’t disrespect peoples cultures, views nor political choices. Therefore if you were dragged for an old tweet, I can only imagine what it said. I appreciate you asking me my opinion. Clearly I don’t look like you. If you looked like me you wouldn’t want to go back to “normal”. You would do what you are doing now, looking for answers, asking questions and thankful this country is trying to move forward after all these events the world saw but we lived.



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