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Jobs That You Can Work from Home

As a result of the pandemic, companies continue to find ways to accommodate work from home arrangements while maintaining productivity. Some companies have been pleased with employee performance and are decreasing their office footprint. There are a number of roles that can be done from home. Organizations are coming up with new and innovative solutions like Cardboard Desk, Telepresence Robots, Android Device Management, etc. to continue to collaborate while working remotely. There are a number of jobs in high demand that are more common work from home positions.

In addition, a number of firms specialize in at home work arrangements in which they offer outsourcing services in a variety of functional areas to companies globally. There are job search sites that cater to professionals looking for a whole host of flexible work arrangement from part time to full time remote roles. Lead Resume Writer for NYC Resume, Interview & Online Prep, Mervat Elschwarby states “Exploring what’s out there in terms of work from home arrangements is essential to making an informed decision about your career. The types of jobs in demand and how they are performed is rapidly changing. In the past, these roles were uncommon however now, there are so many companies with flexible work arrangements.”

Customer Service & Sales

Many global companies either partially or fully outsource customer care services. This means some of these outsourcing firms have hundreds if not thousands of openings available globally at the same time. If you are bilingual, that can be a significant advantage as well when applying to these worldwide outsourcing companies. Companies like Amazon also offer work from home opportunities to thousands of individuals for sales, customer service, account management and other functional areas.

IT Technical Support

With all the technological advances and remote capabilities, it is quite common for IT helpdesk and technical support to be performed from the comfort of your home. There are so many options to consider if you are a savvy IT professional looking to work remotely.

Graphic Designer or Web Developer

Creative professionals may wonder what types of positions they can apply for that allow for an at home work arrangement. There are a number of service providers like Upwork that allow for freelancers to perform a wide range of services from graphic design to web development to online marketing and content writing projects. It gives you the flexibility to bid on projects or take out assignments that you feel would be a good fit for you based on your specific skills, the nature of work you prefer and compensation rate. It enables you to build your business with an already established platform to process payments and find potential clients.

Healthcare Professionals

Believe it or not nurses and other health care professionals can also work from home. Healthcare companies like United Healthcare employee over 20,000 individuals with thousands of jobs available to work from home. Some nurses are utilized remotely for consultation and their clinical experience. With telemedicine becoming increasing popular, that’s opening even more doors within health and wellness.

If you are interested in a role working from home, more and more options have become available in a variety of fields. Some of these opportunities may surprise you. It takes time and research as with any job search to find an exciting position.

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