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MUSIC: Local Duo Creative Spirit Turning Out Original Folk Songs Geared for Today

by Gery Ralston

If you’re an avid follower of open mics, you may have seen a duo called Creative Spirit, a husband and wife duo that has been together for many years. Carol Joy Ralicki is a talented singer and songwriter that plays several instruments. She writes folk songs about personal experiences, and is accompanied by her husband John Ralicki on percussion and vocals. The contagious charm of this pair is undeniable. .

Over the years I have experienced them singing at the Toast and Jam Music Series in Lewiston, and recently at an off the wall place called Tiki Garage. It’s not a bar but the back yard of a friend.
A clipping about them in a Lockport newspaper said Carol is an excellent songwriter.
She recently composed the song “I Wanna Be Free” while she was confined due to COVID-19.
I had a chance to interview Carol for Artvoice:

AV      How did you get Interested in the music business?
CR      Well my whole family for as long as I can remember have been into music and sang in the church choir. They all played assorted instruments and I like to sing, so my mom made me a robe, and I started singing gospel songs. Music was in my blood, I Liked guitar so my dad bought me one. Then I learned to play it for church and for family and friends.
AV      How did you meet John?
CR      I met John, now my singing partner and the love of my life, and my husband for many years. I met John in a Laundromat. I heard him singing and told him I liked his voice. We exchanged numbers and the rest is history.
Why don’t you tell me Gerry Ralston how did you met John?
AV      Well it a strange story, one day I came to my door and there was a police officer there. His name is officer John Raliki, but he was not there on police business. He had a man with him named Dan Harper of the Dan Harper Blues Band, and he wanted me to make him a promotional button or pin. I did that and many years later I saw him again with long white hair and he was singing and playing drums with you.

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