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Shifting Trends – CBD and The “Big Pharma”

With the increasingly immense popularity of CBD and other hemp-based products, the role of naturally extracted medicine in the realm of the global medicinal industry and big pharmaceuticals is growing at a rapid rate. As various studies and researches have proven the beneficial medical impacts of these CBD compounds, their use for the purposes of health and wellbeing is becoming more and more popular. 

The battle between naturally extracted medicine and pharmaceuticals has always been a controversial debate. The role of big pharma” in health and the theories revolving around their shady impacts has always been contentious. Especially after the wide range popularity and cultivation of CBD and its products such as CBD oils, this issue has been highlighted even more. While the big pharma relies on chemicals and synthetics processes for their medicine to interact and work on the human body, natural medicine is more palatable and relies on its structure and nature to be able to bind with the targetted receptors of the body to provide satisfactory results. 

According to a study, more than 42% of the people who use hemp-derived products and CBD have stopped using synthetic drugs and pharmaceuticals to tackle their medical conditions effectively. What this figure shows is a shift of consumers’ confidence towards these natural products rather than the synthetic ones. But why is this change of dynamics occurring so suddenly after the discovery of CBD, when the use of herbal medicine is not at all a new trend and dates back many years? According to WHO, more than half of the world population already uses herbal means for their medical anomalies then why is the impact created by CBD so immense? The answer lies in its qualities and various medical benefits it imparts on the body with little or no side effects. The reasons why people are turning towards CBD oils and plant medicine are provided here.

High costs – Both financial and physical:

Pharmaceutical options may be more effective in terms of their selective activism and rapid action by IV fluids, but they come with a high price. Medical insurances and various critical condition drugs are almost too expensive for every citizen to get. This has created a trend among people to shift towards natural means of medicine and wellbeing and that is where CBD oil has been so much dominant. The lower production overheads and a non-monopolized market have kept the prices of these drugs quite lower as compared to the pharmaceuticals. 


According to a study, 52% of the people using CBD products daily or regularly have reported these drugs to be more effective than the pharmaceuticals. The extended researches done have shown that the first-hand reactions of those people are in fact accurate and CBD really works better for them. It has to do with the fact that CBD oil can activate the ECS system of the body and can antagonize the CB1 and Cb2 receptors binding with them effects to provide good results. Moreover, the non-psychoactive nature of CBD means it does not get you “high: or mind-altered like other cannabis-derivatives THC.


Various studies have shown that CBD is a medical marvel that can be used to treat various medical conditions. People are now using CBD Oil for pain, anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, neurogenesis, anti-cancer treatments, skin condition, and even heart problems. With the recent researches proving the effectiveness of CBD in these medical anomalies and a wide range of consumption options available to the people, it is no shock that CBD products are upholding the drug market right now.


According to a study conducted over a span of 30 years gathering information from various hospitals, almost 7% of the people using big pharma drugs are likely to have serious reactions to the medicines and require immediate medical attention. Many more have mild to low side effects after using these pharmaceuticals. This has also caused the people to start using alternatives and look for safer and natural options.

Final thoughts:

Although the medical effectiveness and easy access is a major factor in the favor of cannabis products, the lingering confusion regarding its legal status and dosage regulations still cause hurdles in the way. With the recent law changes, the hemp cultivation has seen an uprise and only by educating people more can this industry of herbal 

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