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5 Fun Ways to Stay Active without Leaving Home

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are either forced or encouraged to spend more time at home to protect ourselves and others who are vulnerable. This has meant that whether you live alone, or with others, there are only so many ways that you can entertain yourselves by binge-watching Netflix, or baking banana bread. Even if you weren’t physically active before, you’re probably missing fresh air, nature and getting some form of movement. We’ve found five fun ways to keep active at home or in your garden that you can do with other people or by yourself.

Home Workouts

Just the phrase ‘home workouts’ can bring shivers down some people’s spines, but this shouldn’t be the case. A quick search on YouTube can reveal different yoga, Pilates, and low-intensity workouts that get your body moving, but won’t have you bed bound the next day! You should consider investing in a good yoga or exercise mat to support your back while stretching and lifting, as well as purchasing weights if you wish to build muscle. However, this is not essential and you can do a home workout anywhere, even outside if you are craving fresh air, sun and nature.

Whatever type of workout you choose it’s very important to get your blood pumping and stretch beforehand. As most of the people will sit around a lot during the pandemic, a good place to start is by doing a butterfly stretch. It helps regain circulation in your legs, and stretches your hips and lower back.

Virtual Reality and Simulators

If the weather isn’t delivering, you can still hit that craving for the outdoors by using a virtual reality (VR) headset, or a simulator. This can make any sport or outdoor activity possible, without getting drenched in the rain or windswept! One example is Rain or Shine Golf, who have a really nice selection of different golf simulators that allow you to transport yourself across the globe to sunnier climates, and play a full round of golf alone or with friends.


We’ve given dance its own category, as it doesn’t count as a home workout – it’s far too fun for that! You can make your dance session as formal or as relaxed as you like, by choosing the music and letting loose, or opting to follow an online dance class. These dance classes are run by professional dance teachers and range from beginner level to advanced. This can get you busting out some serious moves once you’re allowed to head back out to the bars and parties again, so consider this as training for your future dance sessions.


Although this is much more boring than the other activities listed here, vacuuming, scrubbing and sweeping are all physical activities that will get your body moving. With all this time that you are forced to stay inside, staring at the potentially untidy and dirty parts of your house, there couldn’t be a better way to get active in such a productive way! Even standing up while ironing, folding laundry and cooking counts, so consider this when you’re dreading doing the chores.

Active Breaks While Working

For many of us, the pandemic situation hasn’t given us more free time than usual as we have had to work from home. This could be bad news for your fitness, as you will no longer be walking to work and around the office. However, you should take breaks every 45 minutes from your work, and use this as an opportunity to stretch, lunge and star jump to get your blood flowing quicker and refocus your energy, so that you can go back to your workload with a fresh mind. 

There are plenty more ways that you can keep active without having to leave the house, but these five ideas should get you inspired and started as you navigate the world from inside your house over the next few months. 

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