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Rep Chris Jacobs claims he voted against funding our postal system accidentally.  How on earth does a Congressman vote “accidentally?” To understand how far this stretches the imagination, one must know how a Congressman votes:

  • The Rep slides ID into voting mechanism
  • Rep chooses one button: YES or NO or Present
  • The buttons are COLOR CODED. NO is REDYES is GREEN, PRESENT is black
  • Rep CONFIRMS vote: prominently posted as Rep name/vote on large overhead screen
  • Rep’s staff notifies Rep if there is an inconsistency in vote with intended vote
  • Rep is given the opportunity to change vote

On top of all that, Jacobs has been in government for a long, long time. He knows how to vote. So what else could it be?

Jacobs ran for Congress as a full-on Trump supporter, spouting lies about everything from his history in politics to slander long proven entirely false about his opponent. President Trump has made it clear he doesn’t want the postal service funded, even going so far as to publicly admit he wants to thwart mail balloting. Jacobs needed to vote No to side with the president, as he has done since he took office.

Jacobs had to claim he voted accidentally – trying to play both sides by having the president believe he voted with him and having constituents believe he supports the very popular mail service.  Otherwise he is just plainly incredibly incompetent.

In either case, we need to vote him out.

There is a highly intelligent hard worker on the ballot, Nate McMurray, who has proven he understands commerce – having been a corporate lawyer – but also understands the working class, having come from a family that struggled with poverty.  He is also far superior ethically than Jacobs is.  You cannot catch him in a lie – he means what he says and says what he means – unlike the chameleon Jacobs who used to be moderate and now supports every step Trump takes.

It’s time to elect Nate McMurray to Congress.


Cindy Fleischer

Mendon, NY

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