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Dear Auntie Answers Readers Questions on Love and Relationships

                                                          DEAR AUNTIE

                                                               By D.Scott


DEAR AUNTIE: It is said that when a man wants you he will literally come and get you. How come I haven’t been “got” yet? I work hard and play hard. I’ve kept my body in shape these last 34 years. Never married and one child. My career is flourishing. I have my own car and home, with no help. It seems very hard to meet singles in my area and I have resorted to going out on weekends and to happy hours. Am I doing something wrong? I feel I am a catch and I wish men could see what I have been told by other women my age or better.

Georgina Ramirez from Canton, Ohio


DEAR GEORGINA: There are several reasons nobody has come to get you. The start of every sentence was “I”. You sound very self professed. Nobody likes that. Let your old or ex beloved profess what kind of woman you are. You are the equivalent of a grown man telling me what car he drives and his bank balance in hopes I will give a damn. I don’t. Men do not care. The women around you are not the men that you are trying to attract. I don’t dress for my friends or cohorts. I dress in what makes me feel goods in hopes that my comfort makes me look approachable. You sound as if you doing what you are supposed to be doing as a woman ,in her mid 30’s, is supposed to impress men. Men do not care. Only men that want to rob you care about your financial accolades. I couldn’t profess to you what type of woman I am to date. The men I have dated can attest to my value, worth and energy. As a single woman I never dare ask why a man has not picked me. We have a name for women like that, “Pickmesha”. You can be the perfect woman, an actual Stepford wife and a man may not want that. Focus on filling your self centered nature with not giving a dam if you are chosen. The real power is being attained and maintained on your own. When you are walking in your purpose and power the universe will give you your partner. For now just date yourself. You sound amazing sweetie. (insert rolled eyes here)


DEAR AUNTIE: Are you ever going to show us a pic of UNC or reveal who he is? He seems like he is married and you are protecting him to live lavish on his dime. No shade but this seems like Kim and “Big Papa” vibes from Housewives of Atlanta.


DEAR UNKNOWN: You must be new here. I stopped posting pic’s of my beloved’s in 2017 or so. An elbow or profile here and there. I find men to be wildly embarrassing on the internet. My interest is no longer making my private situations public. Ya’ll are such good detectives that you voluntarily send me information from their 8th grade prom for me to digest. I do not care what they did prior to me. Unless it was heinous. I too have been toxic in relationships. He doesn’t need to know that at this time. I like to experience love and like before I share it. If you notice I don’t post my child often either. Things I love or cherish I keep close to me and private. UNC is not married (per any online source and my friend that works in the C.I.A). One cannot date a married man. I stand on that. As for living lavish, please scroll back to the very beginning of ANY of my social media. I was born this way. The 13,000 posts are only 1% of my life. Imagine what I don’t post. UNC is not a Middle Eastern mogul buying me an Escalade in cash as “Big Papa” did for Kim. If UNC were spending a dime on me then I already have my own dollars. We just now started speaking again. I was public about that. My transparency is to show you that it doesn’t matter what you do or how you look. If a man wants to do raggedy things, as a woman I am not immune. UNC has skin like cinnamon. He is older. He is quiet and reserved. I doubt he runs around telling his crew that he deals with me on certain levels. I am a lot to deal with. Then there are people like you that are trying to figure out something that is nothing to you. UNC is a quiet storm. I’m just a storm. For now it works. When we part ways for the 12th time I will let ya’ll know. So imagine if I were as public as some of you. My God we would have an OnlyFans page for our arguments. They are creative and remarkable. Which by the way we argue about seeing each other more and business. Nothing fancy here. We are just normal psychotic people. Just like you. If I am not married I am single. That is my mantra. He doesn’t even read half of my work. I don’t see half of his architecture. Yet we pick elderberries and go fishing sometimes. It works until it doesn’t. Not all love ends in marriage. Some love just endures or just ends.



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