The Vow Premiered on HBO and Here Is the Trailer

HBO premiered its 9-episode series, the Vow, last night.  Episode one was called “The Science of Joy.”

Here is how HBO described it:

Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson, high-ranking former NXIVM leaders, describe the dream and mission of NXIVM to build a better world. Bonnie Piesse, Mark’s wife, tells him she’s worried about the organization and Keith Raniere, NXIVM’s leader and Mark’s mentor. Mark believes there must be a misunderstanding – how could tools to make a better, more ethical world be misused?

Unfortunately, for me, I do not have HBO and I could not see the first episode. I do plan to see it and review it more fully.  Meantime, here is the trailer for the series, followed by some screenshots:


And here are some new and wonderful photos, screenshots from the series which readers will, hopefully, enjoy:

The child prodigy. Keith Raniere claims he could play concert-level piano at age 12.


Those who have heard Keith Raniere play piano say he is anything but great. He knows a few songs which he can play fairly well. But he is no concert-level pianist and he was never known to play a concert on piano.


The super affectionate Keith Raniere with Barbara Bouchey on his lap. This photo, I am guessing was taken around 2006.


So affectionate. Keith nuzzles his wondrous wing woman, the late Pam Cafritz. He is often photographed kissing and caressing her.


Here the splendid one is necking with Pam in her underwear.


Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente are the stars of the HBO series. Sarah did a lot of suffering to help take down the cult.


Catherine Oxenberg took a dossier I compiled of the crimes of Keith Raniere to law enforcement. It helped sink Keith Raniere.


Catherine Oxenberg had more at stake than the others who were trying to take down Nxivm. Her daughter was in DOS and had been branded.


Nancy Salzman and Keith Alan Raniere at a gathering of acolytes.


Keith Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo has done his best to defend the monster. So far it has not been a good run for Marc. Keith was convicted on all counts following a six-week trial.


Keith dances with his wing woman and lover, Pamela Cafritz.


Sarah Edmondson is reflected on her laptop.


The Dalai Lama brings Keith Raniere on stage in May 2009 to award him a white sash. Cost to the Bronfmans — between $1-2 million in donations to the Dalai Lama.


Mark Vicente with his wife, Bonnie Piesse. Bonnie smelled something wrong with Keith Raniere and worked to get her husband out of the cult.


The world’s smartest man, he said so himself.


Women of Nxivm.


Mark Vicente was one of the chief whistleblowers. His years of filming Nxivm and Raniere came in handy in the making of The Vow.


It was Sarah Edmondson, who was one of my sources for the branding, who helped take the cult down. She showed the world her brand, thus proving that this monster actually branded women.


The series is very much about these two: Vicente and Edmondson, partners in building Nxivm and in taking it down.


Knox Woods where Keith Raniere lived at night.


The genius


Keith the psychopath with the Dalai Lama


Raniere threatening to get criminal charges on his ex-lovers and followers.


Young Vanguard at the beginning of Nxivm.


A more mature Vanguard lying on his back thinking about solving the world’s problems or at least who he was going to have sex with next.
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