Kristin Kreuk Speaks up for Antifa, BLM and Turkish Women; but Remains Silent on Nxivm Victims Who She Helped Recruit

Ed. Note: I am expecting Sultan of Six to quickly respond to this criticism of his beloved Kristin Laura Kreuk.  LOL is his nemesis and the two often spar with each other, LOL thinking Kreuk is a hypocrite and Sultan knowing that the actress of his dreams is the most wonderful creature God ever created.

Neither Sultan nor LOL are known to have met Kreuk. Sultan did once try to see her in Albany NY but the winsome actress was unavailable.


Was looking at the latest BLM/Antifart terrorist news on twitter and found this funny and ironic article on someone’s stream.

Kristin Kreuk led a Nxivm-inspired business called Girls By Design.

“Celebrities, Activism, and Silence in the age of BLM and Social Media”

“Actors, Nolan Gould, Kristin Kreuk use their large platforms to make a difference during Black Live Matter and other movements as some celebrities stay noticeably silent”

“Kristin Kreuk takes part in activism and uses her voice by providing a list of books recommended on different race topics and recently raising awareness about femicide in Turkey (violence against Turkish women)”

LOL. Kristin Kreuk does not mind being silent about NXIVM branded sex slaves, but loves online virtue signalling about black criminals and Turkish women being raped and killed by Turkish males, who also committed mass genocide and ethnic cleansing against Greeks, Armenians and others in their own lands and continue to do so against Kurds.

When will the Vatican make Kristin Kreuk a saint? What say you, Frank?

In other news, leftist terrorists have committed more murders against those they call “fascists” and “Nazis” on US streets. Lots of video footage on Twitter to look at.


My reply to LOL:

To answer the question posed to me by LOL, I would say that Kreuk has been disappointingly silent on Nxivm and its abuses. On the other hand, she has been loud in condemning other abusers with which she has no first-hand knowledge.

I doubt she will be canonized by the church. However, one of the women she seems to idolize, Phoolan Devi, a mass murderer in India, is on the high-road to being sainted there.

Mass murderer Phaloon Devi caused the murder of dozens of men by leading her gang to kill them based on her allegations of rape. The problem is that there was no trial – just murder and anyone Phoolan accused of rape was judged guilty without a trial and executed on the spot.

It is uninformed voices like Kruek’s that bring momentum to a terrorist – Phoolan Devi – becoming heralded as a heroine.

I suspect Kreuk is equally uninformed about the true motives of Antifa and many who fund and organize some of Black Lives Matter’s most violent and bullying protests [with looting]. [This is not to say that all the goals under the banner of Black Lives Matter are foul. There are some good people and good ideals there in my opinion. But socialism, Marxism, violence and bullying are not part of what I consider to be good.]

Absent is Kreuk’s voice on her Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, and the many people she helped become his victims by being the Nxivm poster girl for recruiting for a decade.

Loud is her voice protesting every other injustice that she thinks is occurring – except, of course, the one she helped create and prosper.

Typical hypocrite actress.

Kristin Kreuk in Mexico promoting Nxivm Mexico with other Nxivm members.


Kristin Kreuk with Allison Mack and other Nxivm members.


Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island for a Nxivm retreat.


Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack put on a show to promote Keith Raniere. Note the banner in the background.


Kristin Kreuk appears on the Canadian taxpayer funded “Burden of Truth” TV show where she plays a brave social justice warrior lawyer who confronts the enemy [bad white men] despite risks to her career.

I will believe Kristin Kreuk is well-intended when she confronts the harm she did to so many women in Nxivm.


That’s my answer – No – she is no saint. Most of us aren’t. And she’s not a devil.

I am hoping in the end she is not something arguably worse – a coward.

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