Scathing Rebuke of Clare and Sara Bronfman: Stop Being a Crying, Whiny, Bratty ‘Poor Me’ Rich Girl Who Was a Victim of ‘ALL THAT MONEY’!

The following is in response to Sara’s letter to the court in support of her sister Clare. See Sara Bronfman to Judge Garaufis: My Sister Should Have Been a Nun

By A Person Who Knows

Bahahahahahahahahaha…Was this letter a JOKE?

Sara, you think the Judge is going to buy your poor little rich girl story?

We suddenly woke up at 18 and became RICH! We’re not idiots and you knew all along your grandfather had left you money because your older siblings had gotten their share at 18.

We had no skill to know what to do with all this money. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my.

You were too lazy to go to college with all that money? It was in a trust being managed for you anyway. You didn’t need to do anything with it but go have fun.

Your sister, Clare, had dreams of riding in the Olympics and you, well you had one failed relationship after another and bought fun businesses until you became bored with them.

Marie White’s painting of Sara Bronfman, a girl who just wanted to have fun…

Once you entered NXIVM, it was clear neither of you had any self-esteem and were ripe for the pickings for Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman to strip as much of your money away from you as you would allow. You did it for their attention, to buy your way up the leadership chain, and to be NXIVM Superstars.

People attempted to tell you – like your family and close friends of your family – but you ignored them, were angry at them, and shoved your belief that Keith was the world’s smartest man up their ass!

So, anyone who knows two cents about you and Clare is not buying any part of your story.

Clare and you gave Keith and Nancy money to destroy those who spoke the truth about what was happening “inside the cult of NXIVM”.

There was no justice in what Clare did in this except for Keith and Nancy and she not only financially backed up their lie, she lied under oath several times. How is that noble – or is that what your father meant about being a good lawyer?

I remember a conversation in which you once told me where you were staying at a hotel and were not being treated as a Bronfman should be. You called your father and he said to buy it and fire everyone. You didn’t do it in the end, but that hardly seems like good business management and poor coping skills, and total entitlement.

Your sister was never nice, soft-spoken, and kind.

Clare was mean down to her DNA strands and still is. She ruined a lot of people’s lives and for that, she deserves to spend time in prison for her criminal actions. We could care less about her upbringing and what she has done since she has been under house arrest. That has not healed the damage she has caused any of us.

If Clare was the kind of person who wanted to take full responsibility for her actions, Clare would stop being a crying whiny bratty ‘poor me’ rich girl who was a victim of “ALL THAT MONEY” –  and take full responsibility for her criminal actions like the honest mature woman you say she is. Maybe some time in one of the toughest women’s prisons is just what she needs to grow up and give her time to really reflect on what she did to people during the time she supported Keith and Nancy.

I’m sure you won’t be coming to her sentencing in person to support your only full-blooded sibling, Sara. Why is that? I’m sure it has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with the fact your afraid you will be arrested for some of the very same criminal charges.

That is another reason the Judge isn’t going to listen to your stupid letter. He knows more than you might think he knows about the sweeping players in this case. You didn’t help your sister by writing such lies about who she is.

He knows who you are also.

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