September Is Clare Bronfman Month at Artvoice

September is Clare Bronfman month.  From now until the 30th, the day she is scheduled to be sentenced in Brooklyn federal court, is a time for us to reflect on the sullen heiress who was the left hand of her Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere for almost two decades.
Clare is likely headed to federal prison, possibly as soon as the afternoon of September 30th.
We want to cover a lot of what she did this month and, in so doing, permit readers to judge whether justice has been served after she is sentenced.
We will look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Clare Bronfman, second in command of Nxivm. For those readers who are sated with Clare, they might look to skip what promises to be a lot of posts about her.
The good news is I will put “Bronfman” in the headline when the story is about her so if you have had enough of Clare, all you need to do when you see “Bronfman” in a headline is skip that post.
Otherwise, you will get to learn more and more about an heiress gone wrong.  A woman with hundreds of millions of dollars she never earned who spent it on a maniac and committed financial crimes for him for a few hundred thousand dollars, an amount that people of her net worth would never do, not at the risk of going to prison.
Her crimes involved as little as $100,000 for one felony and even less for the other.  Imagine a woman with a $200-$300 million net worth committing financial fraud for $200,000 and risking years in prison?.  That would be like a person with a $200,000 net worth risking a felony and years in prison to steal $200.
That’s how stupid this criminal was.

Clare first accepted a plea deal, which she mistakenly thought all but ensured she would only spend 21-27 months in prison.  Then the “Pre-Sentencing Report” (PSR) showed she was a dangerous and deadly character – who used her wealth to destroy people and who was involved in a lot more criminal activity than the two crimes to which she pleaded guilty.
After reading the PSR, the judge announced he was considering giving her a longer sentence than her plea deal suggested.
Then, last week, in a profoundly stupid letter to the judge, Clare wrote that she would never disavow her Vanguard, the man Judge Nicholas Garaufis will be sentencing on October 27th, and very likely to life in prison.
He has Raniere’s number.
Clare will be first of the Nxivm Six to be sentenced – and with her sentence, we will likely learn just how the judge views the Nxivm defendants.
This must be a harrowing time for her.  Harrowing, I say, because the sinister heiress who destroyed lives while professing love for humanity could get anywhere from a 2-year to even a 10-year sentence. She faces a max of 25 years.
She doesn’t know how long she will be in prison or how harsh the actual prison facility will be (If she gets 10 years or more, she will automatically be sent to a maximum-security prison).
Another thing she does not know is whether she will be remanded the moment sentence is passed.
Will the judge allow her to go home and get ready for prison – or will he have the marshals slap the cuffs on her before she leaves the court?
Ger ready for Clare Bronfman month at Artvoice.
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