She Knew Keith Before He Was Vanguard: ‘He Never Wanted to Work for a Living!’

By Correspondent

Nancy Durkin knew Keith Alan Raniere before he was the Vanguard. She knew him during his Consumers’ Buyline days and actually was a guest at his house at 3 Flintlock with Pam Cafritz and Karen U.  She never slept with him but she got a good close at him, when he was conning her boss into surrendering his business, to be subsumed by the wily Raniere. Nancy’s insights are valuable for she saw him as a con artist even before he created his most elaborate con- Nxivm.

Nancy Durkin

By Nancy Durkin

I think a lot of people are drawn to seemingly energetic groups full of “tips” for living a better life – especially in a “cheerful” environment.

I know in the Consumers’ Buyline days, Keith Alan Raniere had many awed (snowed) by his ability to present himself as a genius, including my old boss at Purchase Power.

I had an innate dislike of MLMs, but Keith had even ME thinking for a bit – briefly – … that maybe he’s on to something!

He was very persuasive.

It ought to be clear by now that his goal was always money, adulation, unlimited sex and control.

Raniere is talented on many levels, although for some reason, he unduly exaggerated those talents.

The chilling part is that his talents were used solely to further his sociopathic and destructive aims.

I have always theorized that Raniere’s goals were actually very simple:

1) He should not have to work for a living, and others should support him and wait on him;

2) He is special and so should be revered, honored, and obeyed without question; and

3) Because he is special, societal rules and values do not apply to him, so he can deceive, cheat, con, and lie to others, abuse trust, and have as much sex, pleasure, and satiation as he desires – all while living in a pedestrian, suburban house in a quiet subdivision.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, indeed!

I mourn for those who loved and trusted him, only to be betrayed and (some) possibly killed by poison, starvation, or some form of “suicide.”

I have asked many times on this website – can anyone point to one, and I mean ONE, example of a decent, philanthropic act that KAR did, ever?

Handing out blankets?

Food drives?

Donations (other than to political parties)?


Beautification projects?

Clearly, he was out for Keith and Keith alone.

If anyone has information to the contrary, I would love to hear it and consider it.

Clue: “A ten day birthday party for my wonderful self, for which my loyal, devoted followers have the privilege of paying $2K each to attend and give me gifts.”

Sounds like a strident five-year old to me.

It is so easy to now cast stones, but most of us haven’t been in a position to be affected by his spell or carefully practiced spiel.

Imagine how much energy it takes to perpetrate a lifelong fraud. I never knew his parents, but I nonetheless feel sorry for them, I am certain they did not seek to raise this kind of person. Early on, they were probably tickled to have a talented, cute, precocious,handsome only son. Thankfully it does not seem they lived long enough to see the whole truth.

Shout-out to NXIVM survivors: (I say: “Nexit-ers”) – Hang in there!

We have all done things we regret in this life. Healing is out there. Reach out to Frank; I venture to say he will help you in some fashion – if only to hear you.

When he was just a beginning Vanguard.
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