Allison Mack cries at hearing the word salad of Keith Raniere.

Video: Allison Mack Attends ‘Gender and Women’s Studies’ Class and Is ‘Super Participatory’

A young woman posted a video on TikTok about Allison Mack. According to the woman, she attended a college class with her.

The video is interesting because it reveals Mack took a class on gender and women’s studies and that she was an eager participant in class.  Mack did get approval to leave home to attend classes and go to church from court as part of her modified bail conditions.  However, it is not clear if the course was a virtual course or not.

It is interesting that Mack was not immediately known to one of her classmates and she googled to discover her identity.

Here is the text to the video followed by the video itself:

“Hey guys, this is like a female put your finger down so don’t look at the audio beforehand just like do like this immediately. OK. So put a finger down if you have long hair.

“Put a finger down if one time you were in your summer course. It’s a gender and women’s studies class and there is this one woman who is super participatory and one day she DMs [Direct Messages] you about your assignment topic giving you info about like sex within the Catholic Church and you’re like, ‘Oh, OK, so she’s cool.’

“So you look her up Instagram and she has 103,000 followers and you’re like, “Oh this is weird.” So you google her and her name is Allison Mack and this Allison Mack that your reading a Wikipedia article is charged for racketeering and being a part of a sex cult.

And you’re like, “Oh my god, holy shit this isn’t her.  And then you look up an interview and you’re like, ‘Oh wait this is her. This is the same person that carved her initials into women’s bodies.’”

Allison Mack has a still active Instagram account with 104,000 followers. However, Mack has not posted on it since March 22, 2018, four days before Keith Alan Raniere, her Vanguard, was arrested, and less than a month before she was arrested.

Her Instagram account is Allisonmack729 wherein she describes herself as a “Storyteller, question asker, music lover, theatre goer, movie obsessor, Shakespeare studier, globe trotter, food inhaler, woman of 35 and counting.”

Mack is now 38.

Before we condemn Allison for attending a class on gender and women’s studies – something she learned a lot about from Raniere – we should understand that attending classes, even this class in particular, ought to have bought her merit points on her presentencing report.

The fact that she is attending classes [whether virtual or in person] would purportedly show she is trying to improve her life. The fact that she is “super participatory” shows she is engaged.  This may be just an act to get points with her teacher to get a good grade which might help her with her presentencing report or she may be sincerely interested in the topic, and, in general, is an energetic and alert student.

Surely, she does not want to spend more time in prison than she has to and while awaiting sentencing she has a lot of time on her hands.

The typical liberal gender and women’s studies curriculum will be a far cry from what she learned from Raniere, who taught that men are polygamous and women monogamous, feckless, and eager to switch to a better man at a drop of a hat [or his semen] and always seeking to play the victim – and that a man, once he ejaculates on a woman, marks her as his property, something Raniere did to many women who became his avowed slaves.

Just before Raniere was arrested, Mack, along with sister wives Lauren Salzman, Loreta Garza, Nicki Clyne, Daniela Padilla and possibly Rosa Laura Junco and Clare Webb Bronfman, were preparing for a recommitment ceremony with their  Vanguard.  The ceremony featured group fellatio on the flaccid member of their Supremely Exalted One.

Raniere was the secret leader of the female sorority, DOS, which stands for the Latin, Dominus Obsequious Sororium, which translates as the “Dominant Man over the Submissive Women.”

I wonder how that would play out in the gender and women’s studies class Allison attended?

MK10ART presents a fine visual of the recommitment ceremony. Keith Alan Raniere with slaves, Allison Mack [standing], Lauren Salzman, and Nicki Clyne as they prepare to use their submissive mouths to recommit to the flaccid member of their Gloriosum Dominus Captiosusus.
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