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Incorporating Religious Art Into Any Home Style

Religious art is very special and somewhat sacred to its enthusiasts. Picking the right spot and decor to go alongside it can therefore be a very involved process. Luckily for us all, I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way, and they can benefit anyone who would like to decorate their home with religious art. With that in mind, here are the different ways you can decorate your home, depending on its overall style and design:

1. A Light and Airy Style. 

If this is your style, you’re into white walls, white furniture, lots of windows, natural light, name it. It seems like you love that exotic free and pure feeling, and luckily for you, there are numerous religious pieces to go along with your style. Images of Mary, light-colored Rosaries, white ceramic statues, silver-toned icons, and any piece of art that exudes that light, white, and airy feel are great options. Though religious art often comes in heavy wooden frames and warm tones, do not shy away from them. 

Simply take your time to search for the right piece, such as white mats that you can find at a Catholic store. You could also customize art pieces, say a wall painting with a heavy brown frame by swapping the frame out, and replacing it with a white frame from West Elm or Target. 

2. The Modern and Minimalist Style. 

If this is where your heart lies, it lies right alongside my own heart. You tend to focus on the intricate details of every nook and corner of your home. Before selecting any home decor, you give it thought, visualize, and weigh your options to make sure that you select the best since you have very few items. To make the best choice, therefore, start by identifying key areas and prioritize them. This may be at your bedside, kitchen, foyer, name it. 

Following this, choose clean lines, dual-color coded pieces(especially those on the grayscale), and if you’d want to stand out, go bold! Pick one large modern-style calligraphy print of a bible verse, prayer, or quote and plaster it on a wall for unceasing prayer.

Photo by Taryn Elliott at Pexels

3. The Cozy and Traditional Style. 

If your home is the perfect definition of ‘home’; snuggly blankets, warm colors, cozy couches, and a space that makes anyone feel like making a hot cup of chocolate and watching a movie, this one is for you. Go for religious art that tells a story. Perhaps a statue of Our Lady in your kids’ bedroom, interesting religious books to stack on your shelf, and so much more. Remember to watch your impulsiveness and don’t just buy anything because it can fill avoid, find meaning in every purchase. 

4. The Colorful and Eclectic Style.

It is perhaps the easiest style to decorate because the universal church is an enigma of endless colors and adornments. Look for beautiful photographs, pictures, statues, and complement them with your color scheme. Additionally, pick plants and followers that have a religious meaning. 

Enjoy the adventure. 

Look for styling options and various religious pieces online and from popular stores to pick the one that seamlessly fits into your home. Above all, enjoy your religious art interior design project!


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