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Beautiful Places to Visit in the Caribbean 

Especially for Americans, the Caribbean is a popular item in many people’s bucket list of places to visit. This is thanks to its extreme wealth of beauty, featuring many attractions from turquoise water, beautiful sandy beaches, and lots of picture-perfect sites to gape at. These are all spread out in hundreds if not thousands of islands located in the Caribbean Sea. Its amazing weather makes the Caribbean a top destination of choice for vacationers around the world. While the Caribbean Islands are home to an endless array of tourist destinations, some of them clearly stand out from the rest of the crowd. When you start planning your vacation, here are some beautiful places to visit in the Caribbean.  


When they hear the name Cuba, most people think of Cuban Cigars, or perhaps the fallen revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro. But if you ask someone who’s been on a vacation there, you’ll be surprised at the list of reasons they’ll give you on why you should visit this northern Caribbean destination. For starters, Cuba consists of the main island, along with almost 4000 smaller islands that create breathtaking scenery from an aerial view. Apart from its many beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes, the weather in Cuba is great, the locals are friendly, and the place has a rich culture. When planning on traveling to Cuba, you can rest assured it’ll be an unforgettable experience. You just have to pack the right items and ensure you satisfy the traveling requirements if you are coming from the United States.

Be sure to bring your best dancing shoes as you will probably be welcomed with exotic dances like Rhumba and Salsa, which are apparently some of the most contagious rhythms around the world today. The food is also great and the beer is quite affordable. Don’t forget to take pictures of the old cars you’ll see in the streets, most of which look like they were from the 1950s. For adventurous travelers, you will have lots of activities to do, including camping and hiking in the mountainous region, not forgetting scuba diving tons of other watersports.


Known as the home of reggae music and marijuana, you can be sure to have a blast at “Jamdown”. From the friendly dreadlocked “Brejins” to amazingly humble “Sistrens”, be sure to experience their “peace, love, and harmony” slogan. Be sure to be submerged in the Jamaican culture, Rasta colors, and the jerk chicken cooking on the roadside grill.

If you are hyper, high-spirited, and active, you have the Seven Mile Beach and cottages in Negril, most of them with 5-star ratings from travelers worldwide. The Dunn’s River Falls is just magical from the fact that you can swim and hike up the falls. Despite the weather changes and stormy seasons, Jamaica can be an amazing place to be anytime you feel like traveling the Caribbean.


This is among the few places in the Caribbean where you will shop, shop, and shop without financial strains that come with taxation. Despite its distinctive flair, the Caribbean staples, golf courses, and palatial shops, the most fantastic fact is that some of them are duty-free. Its laid back vibe is its strongholds with the lukewarm water as you swim. A walk down the streets will familiarize you with the various spices as you explore the islands. For lovers of photography and learning, some popular historical attraction sites include Harrison’s Cave, Mount Gay Rum, and limestone places. Lovers of horse riders will get treated as swimmers swim with the turtles. Has that sent chills down your spine?

Cayman Island

Do you love diving? If so, then here is your next vacation destination. This island has the most scenic spots at the Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto. Compared to other Caribbean Islands, it has the most affordable accommodations for its visitors. It is also home to some of the best beaches in the Caribbean Islands. With a one on one contact with sea creatures, visitors can feed the marine animals as they save these memories on their grams and social pages.

The island is made up of Grand Cayman, the most famous island among the tourists, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. The availability of resorts brings a homely feel to the visitors after their dives at the Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial Reef.


While in the Caribbean, this is the perfect island for a getaway. Going there alone can be fulfilling because the crystal water of that place lets you connect with nature. It is not a popular place making it conducive for a relaxed stay. If you are a novice, don’t think further, you can take lessons and become a diver! The beaches are sparkle clean: Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. Beach bums enjoy the constant breeze as they soak at the shores. Families can have their time away from the waters at the ostrich farm and the Arikok National Park.

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For sure, the Caribbean is more than just an amazing vacation destination. Adding Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the likes of St. Lucia to the list, we can never exhaust amazing places you can visit in the Caribbean. Nonetheless, you can let the few destinations mentioned above inspire your curiosity!



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