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How To Improve Your Focus At Work

Being productive is the most sought-after trait, but it doesn’t come easy. Or else, it wouldn’t have been so much of a big deal. You need dedication, motivation, and above all, focus and concentration. A clear idea about your goal and a commendable plan on how to achieve it are the prerequisites to being productive.

Don’t you just love romanticizing how accomplished you must feel once you’re able you can do all tasks that you set out to do for a day? It doesn’t happen much often though. We are usually overburdened by mountains of work and chores, out of which we barely make it out alive. 

Getting knocked down by your to-do list is exhausting, but the only thing more exhausting than that is staying there. Here are some tips that I’d like to share about enhancing your focus at work so that when you hit the couch every evening, you can relax, physically and mentally.

Take One Step At A Time

Excelling at multi-tasking has been the name of the day for far too long. But the only thing it’s taught us is how insanely impossible it is. Mixing up chores and problems at work only makes you look busy and do nothing. 

Setting up big goals for your career or a project is not something to shun off, you only need to break it down into steps manageable in a single day. By doing so, you get a good plan going for your calendar and can cross away the days as they go by. 

You usually lose your focus at work because you don’t have milestones set along with a proper plan. Why else are we always in the pursuit of catching the flow? 

You need to take out time and pen down your plan to hit the goals you have in life. Prepare an outline and try sticking to it the best that you can. A few days into this routine and you’ll never feel like losing your flow, or mojo.

Prioritize Daily Tasks

Though an off-shoot of the previous point, this has more to do with work-life balance. 

Just like you don’t start a three-course meal with a dessert and end it up with the main course, you don’t commit to mundane chores at the start of the day. It is a well-settled fact that the brain is most active during the morning hours, and that is when the most demanding chores should be accommodated. 

Once you start off your day by committing to a major chunk of work and have it done by the afternoon, your day seems to be over already. You can very well manage the minor tasks that require less thinking and focus during the part of the day that’s left.

Another trick to this is making out what you can do in less than 2 minutes, like clearing your table, sending an e-mail, or clearing your inbox. Do these minor tasks right away! These don’t take up time at all but lessens the burden from your shoulder substantially. 

Clear Out The Mess

Working in a messy place is always going to take your attention away from the task at hand. If you’re at your office and have a messy desk, your attention is bound to be diverted. Similarly, if you’re working from home and have clutter all over, you are never going to be able to focus on what you have to do.

This is because our mind is always searching for the things that we haven’t done and keeps on piling it up. It builds up stress and makes it way harder to focus on anything at all.

Perhaps you can put the janitorial staff to work or can be useful yourself in clearing out the mess. As a ritual, always take 5 minutes before starting your work to clean the area around.

This will not only help you focus keenly on what you have to do later but will also cancel out a couple of extra chores from your list for the day. And the more accomplished you feel during a day, the more productive you can be.

Improve Your Diet

Diet matters as much as anything else when it comes to building focus. Some food items have specific properties to enhance focus, memory, and attention span as nuts and almonds. While some food items provide you with a short boost of energy in the day as sugar and caffeine.

Choosing what goes into your body at what time and quantity will help you get better control of yourself. Eating whole grain and slow-digestives in the morning will give you sustained energy through the day rather than packets of energy from caffeine.

Yes, caffeine does make you more attentive. But having a cup every hour is only going to bring your tolerance much higher. The best you can do is limit yourself to one glass of coffee a day, and drink the second glass only when you need to. This way it’ll always work in your favor.

Coming out of the regular dietary items, some herbal remedies enhance focus and give you an energy boost. White Maeng Da Kratom is a herbal extract that is native to parts of Thailand and Vietnam, read more to know how to use it. It has long been served as a specialty to guests of the area as it revitalizes energy levels.

Get Moving

One of the most major distractions at work can be physical fatigue. Having random aches and cramps around your body makes it impossible for you to focus fully on what work you have at hand. Like fighting fire with fire, only regularly working out is going to promise you a fresh lifestyle.

While working out, your body produces ample amounts of dopamine and serotonin, which are the happy hormones. These chemical imbalances make the positive release of hormones stick with you throughout the day. They also help you fight stress, anxiety, and depression.

Various studies prove the benefits of exercise to be equal for our mental health as they are for physical. You get to have a body shape that you’re proud of while also a much better mental health. 

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an amazing practice to connect yourself solely to a moment, whether it is through your breathing or any other medium. It has been the best-recommended exercise for the mind through centuries and millennia.

During a mindfulness and meditation practice, you learn to fight distracting thoughts. Or at least you recognize them, which makes watching them fade away even easier. 

While this practice of being completely aware of the present enhances your views about life and work towards inner peace, it also gives you the ability to increase your attention span.

Through a study of seven years on subjects practicing mindfulness, it has been deduced that meditation and mindfulness improve memory, reaction, attention, and focus. 

There are hundreds of different meditation programs online, some free and some paid. You can start off with the most basic guided sessions and then work your way through it as it becomes an addiction. What can be better than finding a way to relieve stress and improve your focus at the same time? killing two birds with one stone!

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