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TRUMP:   Propaganda and the Disinformation Of Demagogues

Trump uses propaganda disinformation against our democratic institutions. He attacks our court systems, the FBI, intelligence agencies, Mueller’s investigation of Russian meddling in our election, the Ukraine episode, the Justice Department, news media, and our military. Trump refers to journalists as ” enemies of the people”, which was a phrase used by Stalin in Communist Russia. Like other demagogues, Trump is trying to impose his distorted will on the public and the press. His wild statements pander to far right radicals who espouse un-American ideology, including the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville VA who Trump called fine people.
Trump has threatened the use of U.S. military forces to quell protests by U.S. citizens. Members of his administration, Congress, and retired generals have expressed grave concern with this attack on our democracy and Constitution.
Trump’s distorted rantings and disinformation are similar to past WWII dictators and current dictators who conceal the truth from their countrymen. Trump has lied about contact with Russia, Ukraine, the coronavirus pandemic, and a host of other things. The Washington Post reported he lied about 20,000 times during his presidency. Our democracy is under threat by a demagogic president.
Donald Moskowitz
Conservative Independent

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  • It’s been interesting to see all the news about cults recently. If you’re paying attention, it helps you see the degrees to which some cult-like behaviors exist in everyday life around us, commonly in its somewhat less malignant form of groupthink. Somewhat more malignant are political demagogues, who operate very much like cult leaders. When you listen closely to some of the things Trump says, it’s impossible not to hear him addressing, manipulating, conditioning his base very much like a cult leader would.


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