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Exploring The Arts On A Budget

Most of us love the arts which include everything from plays, musicals, and dance to concerts, and films because they speak to our inner selves bringing a deeper understanding of the world and often a sense of hope. The arts have the ability to express feelings and concepts we might struggle to articulate otherwise. There are ways the arts have touched each and every one of us that can not be put into words. The arts have the ability to help us take a deep honest look at ourselves. While most of us understand the importance of the arts the challenge is that the arts can feel like a luxury that we can not afford when money is tight. The arts do not have to be cost prohibitive with a little bit of creativity.

Support New Works and New Artists:

One amazing way to support the arts is to support new works and new artists. Going to new works gives the creators the opportunity to see how their work is landing with an audience, for example if the humor is working or if people are confused about what is happening. When you use your time or money to support creators you are helping them continue to make their art while also helping keep your money within your local community. Check out what art performances are being offered at your local primary schools or colleges and universities. Check out local free art walks (which often come with the bonus of free munchies and drinks) to discover local artists. Check out who is performing at your local music spots. Catching artists when they are new is a great way to explore the arts while also giving these new artists just the boost they may need to continue to make their art.

Go Virtual:

As we have all had to learn to transition during a pandemic, new opportunities for the arts have appeared. Theaters and musicians have taken themselves online. You can listen to your favorite musician playing a live concert on instagram, catch a play, then watch some dance that comes from halfway around the world. The pandemic has provided us the opportunity to explore creative projects we would never have gotten to before because of geographical or financial concerns. We now can watch plays being performed or that were taped while being performed from around the world and gain new points of view we otherwise would never have explored.

Take A Course:

If you find that you are inspired by all the creative works you have been seeing you might consider taking an art course yourself. Yes, you can be an artist. You might choose to start by taking a free class at Harvard on art history or art appreciation. You might choose simply watch an how to play an instrument video on YouTube. You might choose to go deeper into classical music or explore the complexities of music production today. You might dig deep into one piece of art or explore how a theme such as love has been represented and explored throughout history. If there is a topic you are interested in learning more about, you can find a free or low-cost course to explore. Often taking the time to learn about a particular art form will allow you to better understand and appreciate your favorite artists.

Most of us have experienced the joy, wonder, and awe of a particular piece of art. While enjoying traditional art forms can be cost-prohibitive with a little creativity of our own we can support the arts and stretch our pocketbooks further. No matter how you are doing financially, take the time to find ways to explore the arts. The arts enrich every aspect of your life.

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