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The World of Synthetic Urine & How to Pass Your Next Drug Test

 Synthetic urine has been around for quite some time. It was developed to be used to test drug usage in laboratories. However, the liquid is currently being used to sidestep screenings at a place of work or in the court system. In fact, this is the reason why some states have banned the sale of fake urine.

Synthetic urine is made in the laboratory by dissolving a thickening agent with a pH of between 3-10 to form a solution of between 1.025g/cm3-1.225g/cm3. Some urea and preservatives are dissolved in the solution to improve the quality of the urine. The resultant solution can then be used to pass pass the 5 panel drug test. However, not everybody who uses it can pass the test. This article delves into how you should use synthetic urine to pass the next test.

1. Buy quality synthetic urine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is one of the solutions that are popularly used to pass the drug test. However, it must be used well. Firstly, in the morning of the day you will need to go for the test, ensure to heat the urine to around 37°C. It is meant to help maintain the sample you will provide to between 32- 37°C. Besides, the urine must be kept closer to the body to keep it warm.

It should be concealed because the experts that administer the test will want to carry out a physical evaluation to ensure that you don’t cheat. But hiding it in the prosthetic penis or urine belt will work.

Other than buying quality urine, you need to ensure that the urine is fresh. It increases your chances of passing the test. If you have used cannabis either for medical or recreational reasons, you must submit quality synthetic urine to pass the test. The urine will not just ensure that you pass the drug test but also protect you from unexpected health news that may arise if you were to use the real urine.

2. Follow manufacturer’s instructions

Each manufacturer will have a few instructions that must be followed if you want to get the desired results. Ensure you read the instructions and follow them to the later. For instance, the urine should be heated to a stated temperature. If it is overheated, it reduces its effectiveness. Also, the urine must be kept warm using appropriate methods as suggested.

3. Avoid counterfeit products

Take care to avoid buying counterfeit urine. Such urine may be discovered and will increase your chance of failing the test.  Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the best. It is formulated using tested ingredients and guarantees reliable results. The product is 100 percent effective and could be the best solution if you really want to pass a drug test.

Buying genuine synthetic urine is necessary if you want to pass the urine test. So must carry out some research before you buy quality synthetic urine. Notice that passing the test is easy but you need to pay attention to details. Also, ensure you conceal the sample properly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  

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