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How to Promote your Art Business using YouTube 

Gone are the days when YouTube was just a platform to watch favorite videos, TV shows, and other entertainments. It has emerged into an effective marketing channel for all businesses, including the art business. Being the second largest search engine next to Google, YouTube is a wonderful tool to increase your art business’s exposure and reach. Are you not sure where and how to start? Here are some tips to promote your art business. Let’s take the plunge. 

Teach art 

If you are already teaching art online or offline or have already held workshops on art, teaching art on YouTube should not be an issue. There are a lot of people who turn to YouTube to learn art techniques. When people are impressed with your educational videos, they will be inspired to buy your art. 

Are you new to teaching? Don’t worry. It is not necessary that you should be an art teacher to teach art online. You can just record videos of your painting or drawing. You can just explain the technique you are following and why it is the right technique to do. If your video tutorials are good, it is sure to help you in marketing your arts. 

Show off your expert knowledge. 

When people come to know of your expert knowledge of art, they will respect you more. They will show interest in buying your art. Do you want to know how to show off your knowledge through YouTube videos? Be a critic. Start reviewing art. Tell your opinions about art done by other artists. You can make visits to art galleries, art shows, and exhibitions and give your opinions about the art pieces displayed there. This will bring more visitors to your YouTube channel, and you get a chance to advertise your art. 

Make sure your videos are funny and interesting.

Tutorials, how-to videos, and educational videos are indeed greatly helpful in promoting your art business. Still, you need more variety to your YouTube channel if you want to attract more visitors. You can talk about your life as an artist, how you got interested in art, your success story, and behind the scenes story. Adding fun to the videos is preferable because people love to watch funny videos than serious videos. 

Videography equipment

The best thing about making videos is that you need not be a professional videographer. It is true that you can shoot videos from your mobile phone, but if you want to make sure your videos are of good quality, you need the right YouTube equipment like video editing software, camera tripod, suitable light equipment, an external microphone, etc. Click here for a clear picture.

Post consistently 

When you post continuously, the chances of your art reaching the potential customers are high. A single video will not help in your art being discovered. When you are not consistent in posting videos, the audience will move to another channel to get answers to their questions. Consistency will not only help in getting subscribers but also in retaining them. 

Call to action 

Ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel and to share your video. Link the video to your website or blog. Adding links in the video description is highly advantageous. It will increase the traffic to your website and will boost your online sales. People are too busy searching for Google and visiting your website, but if you give them the link, all they have to do is click on the link. The link will take them to your website or art blog. If this does not help you to achieve your target audience, you may try to get a YouTube automation tool to schedule all the tasks for your channel and save more time.

Showcase your uniqueness

No two artists have the same style of art. Everyone has a unique style. YouTube is the right platform to showcase your unique style. Focus on your uniqueness and make sure you show it off perfectly. For example, if you use only pastel colors in your painting is your style; showcase it in your videos, have the same colour scheme in your videos as your painting so it has the same look and feel. Are you worried that uniqueness will be lost once you make it public? Don’t worry. Art is not something secretive. Even if someone copies your style, it will always be a replica and will never match your original style. Moreover, if someone copies your style, it is actually a promotion of your art. If you stick to your style, people will start recognizing your art and that will be your brand identity. Visit here to know more about color schemes.

Promote your videos 

More than 500 hours of video are posted every minute on YouTube. If you don’t promote your videos, the risk of your video going unnoticed is high. You should give importance to description, thumbnails, title, and tags. Promote them on other social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. Use the perfect keywords in the description. You should also cross-promote your videos. You should incorporate them in email and your social media accounts, blog, and website. They should not be highly repetitive as they will cause boredom. Make a few changes to suit the audience of the platform on which you are posting. 

Make your audience involved.

It is not enough if you create funny, interesting, and educational videos to promote your art business. You should interact with your audience. Go live. Live videos really keep the audience engaged. You should answer their questions. The best option to keep the audience involved is to run contests. You can run an art contest asking the audience to showcase their artistic skills. Give a prize that you think will be useful, and the audience will love it. 

Collaborate with other artists

Who said other artists are your competitors and that you should not collaborate and support them? You can follow other artists, and they will do the same for you. You can arrange for their interviews on your channel, and you can give your interview in theirs. Mutual collaboration is helpful to all artists. YouTube calls for collaboration. If you want to promote your business, don’t hesitate to collaborate. 


If you are serious about promoting your art on YouTube, remember you should be honest, you should be yourself, and there should be nothing irrelevant. If used rightly, YouTube can do wonders for your business. Go ahead and start making plans and strategies to make your YouTube marketing a big hit. 

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