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A SUNDAY PRAYER: May Moses whack you upside your empty head with the stone tablets

During his middle-aged years, if that sick psychotic scumbag Donald Trump had spent less time fondling his favorite daughter Ivanka and more time reading, perhaps President Pedophile wouldn’t be the bumbling brain dead buffoon that demented Donald has become at his life’s end. while Hell’s flames tickle Trump’s sumptuous backside awaiting Donald’s imminent arrival.
Meanwhile, horny hypocrites and sexual predators like the Falwell freaks continue to abuse the word “Christianity”, as if it’s an insurance policy for their lifetime of bad behavior and perverted predation.  Jesus wept, indeed!
You fascist, foolish fake “Christians” better hope to God he doesn’t send his son back here anytime soon, because y’all are in some serious spiritual trouble, especially after worshipping a dimwitted demon-like Donald Trump as your grotesque golden calf.
Maybe God will Moses back instead to smash his stone tablets upside your empty heads.  Hide your firstborn sons!  (I’m talking to you, Donald Trump Junior.)
“So let it be written…so let it be done!”
—  Yul Brynner in The Ten Commandments


Jake Pickering

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