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Tips for designing and printing your brochures for better promotion

 Brochures or leaflets are certainly the most cost-effective yet successful ways to promote your business. They might look simple, but the right marketer will never ignore even the minute detail about designing a brochure. Even the folding of a brochure plays a significant role in determining whether it can hit the interest of a potential customer and, thus, convert him or her into a real customer. Whatsoever, the design and the colour contrast of the brochure plays a vital role in deciding if your investment is resonating with the business you are in. 

Printing a brochure is not everyone’s cup of tea. The basic idea of designing and printing a brochure is that you ought to set the folds right, as well as make sure that the brochure is replicating the uniqueness of your business or service really well. The next time you go for printing your business brochure, avail the Avery weprint Promo code to help you fetch the most exclusive deals at the most reasonable rate. 

Leaflets or flyers:

These brochures printed on A4 sheets are extremely popular for small-scale businesses. 

Folders and inserts: 

They are typically used for advertising a brand, particularly used during an exhibition, a conference meeting, or an event show. 

Gate or window fold: 

The standard size of this brochure is 8.5″*11″. The central panel is double the size of the two side panels.


This is the most common kind of fold followed by most organizations wherein it has 2 folds forming a total of 4 panels.


It comprises 6 panels, and thus, the brochure is folded into equal halves narrating the brand message.

Some other tips:

  • Make sure that the font you use while printing is easy to read. 
  • The font size and style should be artistic enough as well.
  • The quality of the paper should be good enough to touch and feel. 
  • The color of the script should rightly contrast the background of the brochure.

If you are still wondering whether you can boost your business with the simple ideas of designing and printing your brochure, try out the innovative ideas with our experts and redeem the Designer Paint Discount Code to get things right within your budget.



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