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7 Things You Should Know About Marijuana and CBD Products

There is a lot of literature about marijuana and CBD products, some true, and others just guesswork that is spreading all over on the internet.  There is all manner of fake specialists claiming to know a lot about cannabis and its product. You need to be very careful when consuming this information, especially if you are an active user of CBD products. For instance, most people think that tetrahydrocannabinol, the element that causes the high in marijuana is one kind. What they do not know is that this element has several other components like Delta 8 THC. Here are 7 other things about marijuana and CBD products that would be useful to know.

THC and CBD Derived from the Same Plant

Both THC and CBD are derived from the same plant, the Cannabis Sativa. Hemp contains CBD and low levels of THC, while the species marijuana contains THC in high levels as compared to CBD. It is THC that causes the high or intoxicating feeling associated with this plant.

CBD is Psychoactive but Not Intoxicating

The misinformation around is that CBD or cannabidiol is not psychoactive but only therapeutic. This information is not true. CBD is both psychoactive and therapeutic since it directly affects users’ mental cognition and mood. It causes some calming effects that could easily be confused with its THC counterpart. There is a difference between the psychoactive feeling and intoxication. THC, the main component in marijuana also has psychoactive effects, but is more potent leaving the users intoxicated. Furthermore, you can visit this site to learn about the different CBD Products such as CBD flower and CBD oils.

CBD Derived from Hemp is Legal in Some States

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the use of CBD and its products derived from industrial hemp. This product is classified as cannabis with less than 0.3% of THC. CBD derived from marijuana with more than 0.3% of THC is not legal as per the federal government, but is legal in various states across the country

Marijuana Contains Both CBD and THC

Marijuana is the plant that these two elements are derived. People tend to confuse the two since the drug that is commonly abused takes the name marijuana. It is THC that is responsible for the high or the intoxicating feeling that comes with marijuana products. CBD is extracted for other medical and recreational purposes and does not have a high feeling.

CBD Works Better with Other Compounds

According to research carried out by The Hebrew University of Israel, CBD isolate works better when with other components of the hemp plant. The researchers call this the entourage effect. The CBD isolate on its own is less effective depending also on the patient, but can increase in effectiveness if used with other cannabinoids and terpenes

FDA does not Regulate CBD Products

You must know that there is still a grey area in the legality and use of CBD products. The Food Drug and Administration agency that is required to check the use of the safety of products used in the US does not regulate CBD. You might want to be careful then when buying these products since there are a lot of sellers online.

CBD Health Benefits

It is not very clear if CBD has any health benefits since there are no conclusive studies done in this area. However, a lot of CBD products users claim that they have gotten better by using these products from ailments such as osteoarthritis, back pain, and some even cancer.

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  • It’s a relief to know that CBD products aren’t intoxicating. I’m planning to start stocking up on them soon because I’d like to have a recreational substance I can use for relaxation. Making sure that it’s effects are mild and manageable will be ideal for me since I tend to make myself busy even during weekends.

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