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4 Artistic Ideas That Can Make Your Face Mask Stand Out

September 11, 2020

The campaign from healthcare organizations and experts to wear face masks has been intense since the onset of Covid-19. As coronavirus cases continue to increase, healthcare professionals are coming up with ideas on effectively protecting the public from pandemics using facial masks and other suitable measures. This article examines four artistic ideas on how to make your face masks stand out. They include the following:

1. Bedazzling with Jewels

Bedazzling face masks with jewels is an excellent artistic idea to make them stand out. There are various glorious jewels you can use, like pearls, rhinestones, and gems. The market offers multiple types of these jewels, and you can choose one that meets your needs depending on your choice and budget. If you plan a wedding during Covid-19, you can have an astounding mask bedazzled with jewels of your choice. You may not be ready to throw some good cash on diamonds and pearls, but you don’t have to stress it. You can get a lux look by going for options that are within your price range.

2. Drawing and Printing

Anyone feeling like expressing their most lavish side with facemasks? Well, you can achieve anything with facemasks by just printing or drawing. You can choose to purchase a mask from a pharmacy or make one yourself. It cannot be evident on the best one, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you are wondering about the right mask to buy or your design and that which will protect you from viruses, you can start by checking or browse the internet for ideas. There are various printing and drawing pictures you can do on your masks. A good example is making drawings based on movies and pop culture or fun. You can also check on social media pages and see what others are posting.

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3. Crocheting

The threat of Covid-19 is spreading worldwide, and so is the rise in the prices of facial masks. It is even getting hard for an ordinary person to afford one. You can evade all the expenses and make a beautiful and unique mask by crocheting. After watching and following the right crocheting tutorial, you will realize that the process is simple. It is also easy to create different patterns and colors. Finding masks designs can help you come up with a unique shaping that will stand out in public. You can play around with animated finishing on your masks. You can also find other designed and fascinating patterns that will work for both casual and formal wear. Always remember to have a useful and breathable material underneath.

4. Bright Colors

Matching colors is one of the best ideas in outfit design. Sometimes, it can be daunting to match outfits and accessories, but you can put out a great look with practical tips! If you can match colors, you can also extend the same idea when wearing a mask. You can imagine finding yourself in a place full of people, in a bright, vibrant color; there is no debate; it makes you look superb! The same concept applies to face masks. Individuals are naturally attracted to bright colors. Of course, your mask’s style and design are always essential, but the first thing people will notice is the color.

Coronavirus is still spreading, and the only way to come out safely is to wear one while following other measures against the pandemic. You can curb the virus’s spread and stay safe by looking superlative while having a little fun in your facial masks. Be creative with your facial masks using the ideas in this article and browse the internet for more. Stay committed to fighting against Covid-19!

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