Dr.Irvin Yalom and his wife Marilyn. Photo-NYT Literary Supplement
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NEW MUSIC: ”On the Threshold” dedicated to Dr. Yalom by Professor Pezhman Mosleh

Professor Pezhman Mosleh is an international Iranian composer, poet, professor of cinema philosophy an aesthetic, and a scholar in music history. He is appreciated by Nelson Mandela Foundation for struggling with war and violence along with universal musicians.

Former Stanford faculty staff, Dr. Irvin Yalom is an existential psychiatrist, author of the novel “When Nietzsche Wept” novel and 13 other books of fiction and nonfiction and several published stories.  Yalom is also featured in the 2003 documentary Flight from Death, a film that investigates the relationship of human violence to fear of death, as related to subconscious influences. The Irvin D. Yalom Institute of Psychotherapy, which he co-directs with Professor Ruthellen Josselson, works to advance Yalom’s approach to psychotherapy. This unique combination of integrating more philosophy into the psychotherapy can be considered as psychosophy.

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