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NEW MUSIC: Virtuoso musicians “Gideon King & City Blog Release “SILENT SIRENS” Video

On the heels of OffBeat Magazine’s premiere of their latest single “Silent Sirens,” the NYC collective Gideon King & City Blog have released a performance video for the song, which OffBeat called “boldly vibrant, yet oddly calming…like walking down the stairs in the rain.” A piano-led ballad carried by a three-person chorus, the video features the team of Bryan Reeder (keys), Caleb Hawley (vocals), Alita Moses (vocals), and Mike Stephenson (vocals). “I wrote this song because it seemed to me that people are often prowlers in each others’s minds,” King explains. “I broke into your mind, kicked down every door,” the vocalists sing. “Salty are the tears pouring from my soul.”

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