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What Is A Basal Metabolic Rate Scale?

Do you sometimes wonder why some people eat very little yet they still gain weight, whereas other people eat whatever they want, including huge portions of junk food, but they never seem to gain weight? Well, it could be because of their metabolism. 

Metabolism can simply be defined as the chemical processes inside your body that keep you alive. People who have slow metabolism often remain with leftover calories which get stored as fat while for those individuals whose metabolism is fast, their systems burn more calories thus, they do not accumulate a lot of fat. 

However, everybody is different and there is no perfect weight that can fit everyone. Understanding your BMI, that is, how your weight correlates to your height will help you achieve your ideal weight. By using a BMI smart scale such as the Fit Track Dara, you will be able to get a complete breakdown of your total body composition including details about your bone mass, muscle mass, and fat mass and this will help you in keeping your weight at a healthy level.    

Did you know that even when you are sleeping or resting your body still burns fat? The basal metabolic rate or simply BMR can be defined as the minimum number of calories needed by your body when you are at complete rest to keep vital functions going such as breathing, circulating blood, repairing and growing new cells, adjusting hormone levels among other functions. Studies have shown that as children mature, their basal metabolic rate rises but as they approach the peak age of 19, the basal metabolic rate starts to decrease gradually. One thing you need to know is that when your BMR is very low, you will find it very hard to lose weight and body fat in general. 

If you are looking to maintain a healthy weight and body fat, monitoring your BMR on a daily basis will help you a great deal. A BMR scale that provides instant information such as the Fit Track Dara will not only motivate you to keep going but will also help you keep track of your health.

What is the Fit Track Dara?

The Fit Track Dara is a smart weighing scale that is designed to ensure precise accuracy to the nearest 300g. Fit Track Manufacturers pride themselves on manufacturing the most clinically accurate BMR scale in the market today. 

How does the Fit Track Dara work? 

When you stand on the Dara scale, a secure and low electrical signal is sent from the Fit Dara Scale metal electrodes through your feet up to your legs and stomach. If your muscles are well hydrated, the electrical signal will pass quickly through the water but will meet resistance if it hits fat tissue. Now, that resistance which is also known as impedance is what is measured by the Fit Track scale scientifically and used to calculate your body composition requirements. 

Apart from Basal metabolic rate, the Fit Track Dara scale also measures body weight, Body Mass Index, metabolic age, standard weight, muscle mass, hydration levels, protein levels, visceral fat index, bone mass, and weight without fat. What’s more, up to 8 users can use a single device including your baby and all the individual results are kept private. If you are using the Fit Track pro app for android or iOS you can track your health indicators on your smartphone by simply setting weigh-in reminders.  

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