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OFF ROAD Podcasts: Interviews with Buffalo’s Creative Community by RLTP

Two more long-awaited interviews highlight this edition of Off Road, as the Jewish Repertory Theater and the proprietors of the very popular theater bar “Matinee” join Peter for fun conversation.

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What do you do when you can’t have an audience in your theater? You take your show to them! The star and playwright of RLTP’s “Bigfoot” talk about how they are making it all happen.

OPENING FRIDAY: Starring Jake Hayes, Robyn Horn, Peter Horn and Lisa Vitrano

Listen now to Episode 27

Peter ventures far from the city (virtually, of course) to talk to Seth Wochensky from Springville Center for the Arts, then continues his review of future theater plans with Kelly and Kristin from Second Generation back in Buffalo.

The focus on the arts continues as Peter zooms in to interviews with managers from the Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Theater of Youth as both contemplate re-opening and future plans.

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Continuing his focus on art and “the arts,” Peter Zooms in to Shirley Verrico, curator of the Buffalo Arts Studio, and MaryKate O’Connell from O’Connell & Co. to talk about their positive outlooks for the future.

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From the world of dance, music, and theater, this podcast covers all the bases…no pun intended (you’ll get it when you listen). Peter talks with Heidi Halt, Jim Pace and Michael Murphy from Neglia, Buffalo Musicians’ Union, and Shea’s!

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Guests from Hallwalls, Kavinoky, Olmsted and Ujima sit down with Peter to discuss the hows and whys of planning and carrying out a possible reopening…maybe!

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Peter plans to convert his summer to a “staycation” after speaking to friends from the Buffalo History Museum, the Martin House, the New Phoenix Theatre, and the Lancaster Opera House.

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Buffalo’s cultural community continues to be the focus of this podcast, as Peter learns more from leaders of the RLTP and ICTC theaters, the Buffalo Philharmonic, and the Buffalo Museum of Science.

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Peter’s guests teach him plenty about his beloved Buffalo as he zooms in to four different parts of the city to hear about literary activities, theater activities, and arts events of every kind!

Listen Now Episode 17:

In this episode, Peter test-drives a revised format involving multiple interviews, all focused on the new reality of life in WNY. How are several cultural institutions coping and planning for the future?


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