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IRISH CLASSICAL THEATRE shows HBO level trailer for streaming of Sea Marks Oct. 16

“Sea Marks” – Virtual Production – Streaming Oct. 16 – Nov. 1

Great cinematography by Pan-American Film Division brings us “Sea Marks” by Gardner McKay, a unique Irish love story in its purest form. Meet Colm, a lonely fisherman living on a remote island west of Galway. Colm falls for Timothea, a sophisticated, beautiful woman from the midlands of England. Glimpsed but once, he can’t seem to forget her. He wins her affections the best way he knows how—through love letters. Following a year and a half of exchanging letters, the couple’s unavoidable attraction sends Colm to Timothea’s home of Liverpool. Together at last, Colm aches to find a connection in the arms of Timothea in this strange place she calls home. He quickly finds himself longing for the sounds of the sea and the life he has left behind. Will the couple combine their two different worlds into one, despite the odds against them? 

For ticket information visit: Feature film available with ASL interpretation and Open Captioning.

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