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How Long Do Transdermal CBD Patches Last?

The CBD industry is exploding with a dizzying array of CBD products ranging from gummies, oils, tinctures, CBD vapes to topicals. While each method is ideal for different persons, each has its own pros and cons. But, have you heard of transdermal CBD patches

CBD patches are another way of imbibing CBD into the bloodstream. Patches pack a punch because they’re unique, effective, and long-lasting. Read on to learn more about transdermal CBD patches, how long they last, and how they work.

What are CBD patches?

Transdermal CBD patches are band-aid-like patches that contain a measured dose of CBD oil molecules, infused as a gel or oil. Transdermal patches are not new, they have been around for several years. Like birth control patches, CBD patches work the same way.

With the help of permeation enhancers or carries, cannabinoids are diffused into the body due to the skin’s low concentration and the patch’s high concentration of CBD.

How do transdermal CBD patches work?

The human body has a complex cell-signaling system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that regulates essential body functions, such as response to pain, anxiety, sleep, mood, and appetite.

When you apply the patch to your skin, especially the areas with visible veins like the wrist, or the top of the arm, the body’s heat allows CBD to diffuse into the bloodstream, which allows CBD to reach to your ECS. CBD then binds with cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2 providing the needed relief, thus maintaining homeostasis.

While transdermal CBD patches take long to make it into the body, permeation enhances gives CBD the extra push to make its way into the bloodstream. CBD patches are slow-acting, but once the onset begins, it lasts longer.

How long do transdermal CBD patches last?

Transdermal CBD patches last up to 24 hours. The best thing about transdermal CBD patches is that it bypasses the stomach, liver, or lungs, where the body filters or breaks down cannabinoids. This means you’ll reap all the benefits of CBD.

CBD patches release cannabinoids in a controlled manner, therefore providing long-lasting effects.

Benefits of transdermal CBD patches

Transdermal CBD patches offer various benefits compared to other methods of taking CBD.

  • Discreet. Unlike a bottle of tinctures or capsules, you don’t have to carry around CBD patches. Simply apply to your skin and go ahead with your daily activities.
  • Efficient. Transdermal CBD patches are incredibly efficient since it doesn’t pass through the digestive tract. The cannabinoids diffuse into the bloodstream directly.
  • Long-lasting. The best thing about CBD patches is they last up to 24 hours delivering the cannabidiol into the body in a controlled manner.
  • Precise dosing. Unlike CBD oils or tinctures, you don’t have to figure out the correct dose when using transdermal CBD patches because they contain a pre-measured dose.


While there are several methods of taking CBD, transdermal CBD patches are suitable for anyone who needs to experience the effects for as long as 24 hours. Besides, those who don’t like the earthy taste of CBD oil might find CBD patches a great option.



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