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2020 Fall Hairstyles – 6 Trendy Fall Hairstyles for Women

We’re officially bidding farewell to summer 2020, but that doesn’t mean your fashionable inner self has to go into hibernation. In fact, now is the ideal time to spice up your look with some fun hairstyles. No matter if you want to go to a salon or satisfy your adventurous side by cutting it yourself, we’ve got you covered with the most trendy fall hairstyles 2020.

From the modern shag and solid, banged bob to the classic mullet, our list of hairstyle inspo has something for everyone. Have a look at these six trending 2020 fall hairstyles – you’re sure to find something exciting to level up your look!

1. The Modern Shag

A fresh yet vintage fall hairstyle, the modern shag is coming back with a bang in 2020. We’re expecting to witness more shaggy patterns on straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair with some modern twists this fall. Inspired by the feathered and shag hairdos of the 70s, the modern shag adds a chic, sassy, and edgy spin to your hairstyle.

It starts with long layers at the crest and works its way down. But remember that blunt edges and firm surfaces are key to keeping the style intact, so it makes sense to avoid overly thinning out your hair. If your hair is already thin and short, consider getting Remy tape-in hair extensions, and ask your stylist to shape it into the modern shag.

2. Solid Banged Bob

If you got the chance to see Aylah Peterson’s hairstyle at Saint Laurent, you are sure to know how powerful a statement can you make with a haircut. Forget about the customary textured, soft bobs. The solid banged bob exhibits courage, vigor, and power – a drastic break from the traditional three-bangs bob hairdo. The distinguishing features include the single length strands that offer a sharp, glass-like effect with blunt, solid edges. The solid banged bob works wonders on fine hair.

3. The Mullet

A timeworn hairstyle of the 70s, the Mullet has made a comeback with a modern makeover. The rebellious and ‘anti-fashion’ hairdo is an excellent option for courageous girls bored with beachy hair. Among the celebrities, Miley Cyrus made a mark with the Mullet when she wore the short but dense trim with rough, shaggy layers. The beautiful but low-key textures are dazzling.

4. The Undone Rich Girl

We all want hair that is luxurious and natural. The credit for the charm of the undone rich girl hairstyle goes to its pretty natural effects. The modest blow-dry and irregular center part line make it look even more striking. Anyone can get the rich girl haircut, but for women with very thin or fine hair, Remy clip-in hair extensions come in handy to take the hairstyle to a whole new level.

Just be wary that the edges have to be cut clean; otherwise, your hair will look more ‘boho.’ It is a good idea to visit your stylist routinely to avoid feathery ends with this look.

5. Long Pixie Fringe

Transform your look with the long pixie fringe on long, voluminous hair extensions in fall 2020. The layered hairstyle looks as pretty as a picture, particularly on brown and light hair. By wearing this hairstyle, you’re sure to rock with a stunning vibe. The best part of the long pixie fringe is that the hair folded behind your ears gives a short hairdo perception.

Be sure to go for regular trims if you’re wearing this style on your natural hair without extensions.

6. Gender-Neutral Haircuts

Once considered masculine haircuts, we’re now seeing shorter and flipped crops everywhere, irrespective of gender. Gender-neutral hairdos are perfect for all sorts of hair – grey, wavy, curly, or straight. There are now no standards, and categorizing haircuts as feminine or masculine is a thing of the past. Women are breaking the orthodox rules by wearing hairdos that were once reserved for men. It is for this reason that you’ll see more gender-neutral hairstyles in 2020.

These fall hairstyles 2020 are meant for every woman, regardless of hair type, length, or thickness. After all, you always have the option to wear human hair extensions if your hair isn’t suitable for these looks. The world is your oyster, and with high-quality Remy hair extensions, you’re free to try almost every single hairstyle out there!

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