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6 Tips for Getting an Accurate Tarot Reading 

Every day, thousands of people turn to tarot card readers in their search for insight and clarity on various issues. Some approach tarot reading with doubt, often to prove that the readings are false. However, a significant majority of people who turn to tarot reading are in some crisis and are seeking guidance on how to deal with the challenges they face. 

Unfortunately, the accuracy of tarot readings has always come into question, and is the primary reason some people doubt tarot cards, and sometimes the readers. However, several things influence the accuracy of the readings. You can maximize the possibility of getting an accurate reading when you follow these tips. 

How you frame your questions matters

How you frame your question to a tarot card reader will influence the response you get. While some people claim that readers take advantage of leading questions in a bid to prove their legitimacy, how you ask questions will indeed guide the tarot reader to provide accurate readings. 

Ask open-ended questions that will need elaborate answers. For example, asking “will I get married?” will result in a yes or no response. Questions like this one will leave you with more unanswered questions. For example, will you get married in a few weeks, months or years? Sometimes including a timeline in time-dependent questions is necessary. For example, you should instead ask “Am I likely to be married in two years?”

Be forthcoming with the information you give

When communicating with a tarot reader, you need to determine if you are genuinely seeking direction and information, or if you are there to find out the authenticity of tarot readings, or even the reader. If you approach the reading with doubts, you are unlikely to be open with information because you are concerned the tarot reader will have the upper hand in manipulating what you say to sound legitimate. 

You should instead note that you are more likely to get an accurate reading if you provide all the necessary details. For example, if you are confused about your relationship, instead of giving vague details, say what went wrong. If an affair is the cause of the rift, say so. It will be easier for a tarot reader to find out more about it, and even give you a better picture of what to expect. 

Have an open mind

Take into account that you may not like the tarot reading. Sometimes you may get positive feedback, while other times the response may not be to your liking. However, tarot readings are not just for providing insight, but guidance as well. Often, there is a path around what you hear, and knowing this will help you redirect your path, especially if you are going through a tough time. You will have an easier time, or even find purpose in taking a step back, and finding a way out of your situation. 

Find a genuine tarot reader.

Some people have had awful experiences with tarot readers because they wanted to rip them off or they had no experience or expertise in reading tarot cards. Going to such people will only lead to a distorted reading, and you may be discouraged to get a reading ever again. You can improve the chances of an accurate reading by researching and finding authentic psychics. Find out about other people’s experiences about their encounters before you decide the tarot card reader to approach. 

Your state of mind matters

During a tarot reading, the frame of mind of the reader and you, the client, matter. If you are stressed or angry, you may not communicate as you would have had you been calm, and this will affect the reading. Likewise, the psychic may not be in a position to interpret the cards accurately. So, if you are emotionally worked up, try and relax your mind through meditation or exercise before going for a tarot reading. 

Prepare for the reading.

Visiting a seasoned psychic for a tarot reading requires preparation. You need to have a list of things you would like to know, including a sequence of questions you’d like to ask. You will be able to analyze the questions when you have them written down. Planning your visit also ensures you don’t forget anything that may affect the accuracy of the reading.

While some psychics have the gift of perception, which allows them to interpret cards based on your situation, you play a critical role in determining how accurate the reading is based on the information you provide. 


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