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Why CBD Gel Capsules? What Are the Benefits?

October 21, 2020

There are almost endless different types of CBD products available on the market today, each providing their own benefits and with specific target audiences.

One type, CBD capsules, can feel a little bit confusing. After all, regular CBD pills exist, so why would anyone need a CBD gel capsule?

What are the benefits of choosing to take a CBD gel capsule over other options? 

What Are CBD Gel Capsules?

At first glance, CBD gel capsules seem almost otherworldly in appearance. They are vaguely gelatinous and seem to shine with an almost artificial glow. For many purist CBD users among us, CBD gel capsules seem like a strange choice.

However, they are actually really simple in terms of their ingredients. First of all, full-spectrum or CBD isolate is extracted from cannabis plants using standard extraction methods. The resultant cannabinoid extract is then suspended within food oils and used to make CBD gel capsules.

While capsule manufacturers typically pour CBD oil in-between two hard shell casings, CBD gel capsules are a bit different. If you regularly take CBD capsules or pills and want to try something different, consider trying CBD gel capsules instead; they might be just what you are looking for.

The critical quality of a CBD gel capsule is that it typically contains gelatin. This is what gives them the firm yet malleable texture they possess, as well as making them chewy. It makes the pill swallowable or chewable, depending on your preference, and makes it a lot easier to take than some other kinds of CBD products.

The inclusion of gelatin does, however, make CBD gel capsules not vegan-friendly, which has inspired vegan-friendly alternatives.

But why do people want to take CBD gel capsules when other options exist?

What Are the Benefits of CBD Gel Capsules over Other Options?

When comparing CBD gel capsules with any other form of CBD, it’s worth remembering that they are designed for a specific audience. While taking your CBD in the form of an edible or smoking it in the form of CBD-rich cannabis might seem more comfortable, these methods also have drawbacks.

Some people do not want to have to deal with the awful taste of CBD oil or deal with the suspicion that smoking cannabis in public sometimes inspires. Instead, they just want to quietly take their CBD, without question or judgment, and then get on with their day.

This is where products like CBD gel capsules and CBD pills come in. CBD capsules allow you to quickly and discreetly take some CBD without anyone being the wiser.

The real benefit of CBD gel capsules over CBD pills, however, is how easy they are to take. It isn’t exceedingly common, but many people really struggle with swallowing capsules of any kind.

CBD gel capsules are not only easier to swallow, but you can often chew them, too making them a great alternative for those who cannot use CBD pills. They offer up all of the same helpful benefits of CBD as other methods, but in a much more convenient way.

Various studies, such asthis one by Christian Larsen and Jorida Shahinas, have found that CBD can act as an effective treatment for all kinds of conditions and issues. By making CBD easier to take, CBD gel capsules increase the number of people able to imbibe CBD.

Final Thoughts: Why CBD Gel Capsule?

If you are interested in trying CBD gel capsules for the first time, make sure you check out brands that have a trustworthy reputation.

Places like Premium Jane and others offer concrete, verifiable lab reports that make finding out what is in their products a simple process.

You can even find brands that offer up unique and exciting flavor combinations, making the whole experience of taking CBD gel capsules both beneficial and super flavorful.

If you regularly take CBD capsules or pills and want to try something different, consider trying CBD gel capsules instead; they might be just what you are looking for.

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