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Only Nov 17th and already TWO MILLION new Covid-19 infections this month. Believe Trump’s Voter Fraud as you believe his claim the Virus Will Magically Disappear.

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  • A positive PCR test is being labeled a “case” and the media is calling a “case” a CV-19 “infection”. It’s no such thing. PCR has been around since the 70’s and was never a clinical, diagnostic tool and did not magically become one in January of 2020. Moreover, a “covid” PCR “test” uses 35 amplification cycles to see what it is allegedly designed to find. Some go as high as 40 to 42 amplification cycles. What this means is the size of the sample is being doubled 35 to 42 times. That’s 2 to the 35th power in the case of X35 cycles. That’s over 34 and 1/3 Billion times larger than whatever you started with. For comparison, if you doubled the size of our planet Earth 35 times it would barely squeeze into the size of our entire Solar System, Sun and all. Those who actually use PCR amplification in the lab say anything over 19 to 24 amplification cycles produces Junk Science. 24X is generous. We have been conned into remodeling our entire culture based on an untested “test” reconfigured by two government funded scientists over in Germany last January to “test” for SARS2 viral particles based on junk science. The above facts have been disputed by anti-factual mass media / “big tech” defensive assertion type stories containing no facts.

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