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Are rotating residential proxies the right solution for you?

Most times, it’s challenging to find the right residential proxy for your needs, and many providers offer limited bandwidths. You may prefer to use a data center proxy because it works faster and is more effective in hiding your IP. But the market has slowly started to welcome another product called rotating residential proxy that promises to deliver better results if you’re specialized in website scraping and use it for sales intelligence purposes. 

If you switch to a rotating residential proxy, it will speed up your online tasks. 

What is a rotating proxy?

A rotating proxy is a server that provides you with a new IP address for each new Internet connection. It means that you get 100 different IP addresses for 100 different requests you send to websites. The rotating proxy offers you access to an entire list of IP addresses and allows you to rotate them, so you get a random new one at a fixed or random period. However, rotating proxies are different from proxy rotators. Rotating proxies are defined as methods enabled by proxy services with a large pool of IPs, while proxy rotators are software solutions that facilitate this process. 

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How does IP rotation work? 

The principle behind IP rotation is simple; it assigns new IPs for each new connection you establish. If you want, you send hundreds, and even thousands of concurrent requests and the rotating residential proxies provider changes your IP address every time you do it. This process takes site audits and web scraping to another level because it guards you against subnet bans. 

What benefits do you have when you use rotating residential proxies?

There is no limit to how many SOCKS or HTTP requests you send

When you use a proxy, you send more requests per minute, but after some time, the site you send requests to can block your IP address. A ban or block can impact your business’ efficiency and performance because you fail to monitor and access the internet as you need it. Without a fresh proxy, the websites you access can implement security measures that limit your browsing sessions. Still, with a rotating residential proxy service, you can scrap the web without dealing with blocked queries.        

They are undetectable

Rotating residential proxies retrieve information from websites and services, and deliver it to the user who makes the request without the source detecting a proxy was used. When you use static proxies, you try to squeeze as many requests as possible from the same IP address, but a rotating proxy allows you to benefit from your practices at maximum. 

You can an evergreen IP address for each connection

Rotating proxies are vital when you rely on web scraping because they ensure your connection is unbannable. You can avoid a block associated with an abusive request when you have a new IP address for each action you complete. You can scale much higher than if you would use any other tool. A good comparison of rotating proxies is with F1 cars that get new tires for each round. 


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