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Erie County Exec and Health Department Put Residents in Danger of Deadly Disease

By Teresa Reile


Secrecy, Nepotism and Greed:  Watchwords for Erie County Executive and Health Department Offices

It appears that the ‘extremely dangerous, highly contagious deathly disease‘ of Covid 19 is not being taken seriously when it involves people close to Erie County Exec Mark Poloncarz or Erie County Health Commissioner Gail Burstein.


Erie County Executive’s Nephew Tests Positive for CV-19 after attending large Halloween Party

Ryan Poloncarz, nephew of Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz tested positive for Covid 19 after attending a large Halloween party at Como Park, of which he bragged about attending on Social Media.

Co-workers have been instructed to ‘report for work as usual’ and given the OPTION to test for Covid-19  “if they want”.

Gail Burstein’s Health Department made the decision to have the rest of the employees report to work and gave them the ‘option’ as to whether or not they want to test for Covid.

This was not made known to the public by the health department, the Parks department, or the Erie County Executives office.

Doesn’t this put the rest of Erie County at risk?

Perhaps that is the plan.  Perhaps they thought that if they could keep it a secret, they could keep the virus spreading and keep the ‘crisis’ going so that they could keep raking in the millions.  (See Below)


Even more troubling, Ryan Poloncarz obtained this job during a hiring freeze. 

Controversy swirls around the fact that ten union employees applied for a Parks Department job and the nephew of the Erie County Executive got the job.

It is not known at this time whether he was more qualified for the job or if he got the job because of his connection with his uncle.

Why would the Parks Department hire ANYONE during a hiring freeze, much less the nephew of the Erie County Executive?

Ryan is at home quarantining, but his co-workers are at work.

Is he collecting his pay while he is at home?


This is disturbing.


Covid 19 is a money maker for Erie County Workers allied with Poloncarz

Erie County has received $160 MILLION dollars in aid to fight the corona virus.

Interesting to note, that as of Sept. 23, 2020, Erie County Health Commissioner, Gail Burstein has received $115,133 in overtime pay which has been billed to the federal stimulus aid package.  That equates to more than half of her annual salary of $207,292.  Gail Burstein has received more overtime pay than any employee to date.

Three point six million dollars has been paid to Erie County workers in overtime and more than 5.8 million has been paid in salaries to employees who were not able to work and who could not work remotely!



Mark Poloncarz warns us every single day about the rise in ‘cases’, scaring many people into submission, while in actual fact, he and his cronies are raking in the dough.

It is no wonder why he wants to keep this ‘crisis’ going.

If this very same scenario happened to any one else, he would be shutting them down.  But, instead, he and the Erie County Health Commissioner have decided to keep it secret.


WE have decided to let you know about it. But we still have some questions.

Is Mark Poloncarz quarantining?

Have the contact tracers even looked to see if he has been in contact with his nephew Ryan who has tested positive for this speciously deadly but very profitable disease?

With tens of thousands out of work and barely making ends meet, Poloncarz and Burstein seem hell bent on a reign of terror and destruction while lining their pockets with gold.

This begs the question:  What ELSE are they hiding?

Is this ‘disease’ as deadly as Poloncarz and Burstein want us to believe, or is it a convenient crisis to be utilized by a certain few for monetary gain at the expense of the rest of us?

You be the judge.

How long are you going to just sit back and let politicians tell you what you can and can not do, especially when it comes to your health and your livelihoods?

It is time for the people of Erie County to start asking the penetrating questions and to stand up for their rights.  Thousands have lost their jobs, their businesses and everything that they have worked their whole lives for and a select few are making an awful lot of money off of your misery.

About the author

Teresa Reile

Teresa is a strong leader having worked closely with Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, business and entertainment icons, political and religious leaders the world over.


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  • Gale Burstein is a poster child for government gone wrong. Who in their right mind would hire an MD as an hourly worker ?!!!!! She should be salaried, like anywhere else. She does not deserve overtime – you go home when the jobs done and you get paid the salary you agreed to when contracted. This stuff goes on ALL the time in government and is always kept on the down low. OVERTIME – HA!

  • Sounds like a lot of questions the writer didn’t bother to get answers for. Not even a no comment. Makes one wonder why?

  • What kind of garbage is ArtVoice publishing now? Why is this under the News section and not opinion? There’s practically zero facts and heavy bias all throughout.

  • The facts here seem solid, but the leap to “they’re using themselves to spread the disease to keep it going and keep making money” seems like quite the leap. More likely they’re just not taking social distancing as seriously as they should.

  • please share on Mark’s Facebook page so we can see how long it takes to get deleted. Great reporting. As a taxpayer this is disgusting.

  • You forgot to mention the “I forgot my mask!’ BS when the photo surfaced of him and his golf buddies!!

    This is an absolute CIRCUS!!

  • Good article, but if this is true then every state in America is doing the same thing. If the news is accurate, there are thousands of new cases daily.. not just Erie county or NYS.

  • Is this journalism? Reads more like the facebook ponderings of a wacky woman who can barely string a sentence together.

    A “strong leader”, Teresa Reile is not.

  • Most of the media refuse to ask Polancarz or Cuomo any meaningful questions! Here’s one I’d like answered. Last week the ECDOH said they would no longer test the general public. They would only test those in close contact with a known case or someone exhibiting symptoms. Isn’t this going to greatly increase our percentage of positive tests? Making yellow/orange/red zones in EC much more likely?

  • This is disgraceful! When can we ever stop attacking each other! This country needs to heal!

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