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Get more SoundCloud plays with these marketing tips

 For most music lovers, an amazing soundtrack can go a long way to make the listening experience more fun, memorable, and mesmerizing. SoundCloud is one of the biggest music, audio platforms. The platform has a wide range of creators and listeners with millions of users that frequently visit it either to showcase their work or listen to some of their favorite tunes. A user can also share and embed the link of their top audio albums via different social media platforms. This is a very effective marketing strategy that enables them to help you as their favorite artists to promote their music.

If you intend to start your music career either as an artist or musician you need to stay on top of the market trends and learn how to stay relevant in the music industry. You need to be able to attract your listeners to grow your fan base. For someone who has been on the platform for a while, this is an easy task, but for a newbie, you need the right marketing strategies. Here are several simple, but effective marketing tips to get more SoundCloud plays.

Ensure that your music is searchable

Your music has to be discoverable for your fans to be able to listen to it. Make it searchable online by notifying your fans whenever there’s a new album or track release. You can sell a few free concert tickets to your top devotees and work on improving your SEO to get it out there. 

SoundCloud has a ‘Discover’ tab which allows your music to be featured on the platform. Using metadata you can tell SoundCloud your music genre to determine in which category your music falls so that it can be showcased to existing and potential fans. This can either be done by naming your track appropriately, correcting genre tags, using relevant track tags, placing the right description or through likes and comments.

Utilize email marketing

For your music to reach your fans, it needs to be visible to them. But, this is not the case, especially with the decline of plays on the platform. You can use email marketing to reach your core audience for them to hear your new track whenever it’s released. Utilize email marketing tools to gather people’s email addresses. This will enable you to build a list and develop long-term relationships with your fans. You will also be in a position to send your music to them whenever there’s a new release. With a list, you can now subscribe to an email marketing service.

Make quality music

With time, low-quality music is often forgotten so no matter how much you market your music, if it’s of low or average quality, nobody will listen to it. Your music has to market itself. And if nobody listens, then you won’t get plays.


From the tips outlined above, it’s evident that you can get more SoundCloud plays if you use the right strategy. Most SoundCloud users prefer to buy SoundCloud plays to increase more plays on SoundCloud but they don’t know how. You can buy SoundCloud plays, but only on the right platform. While there’s never an easy way you can still actively get new followers and grow your account even as a new artist.


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