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Studies & Work: Can They Be Combined?

Quite often, students begin to think if they should find a job. The reasons for this can be various. Some of them are trying to prove their independence and want to earn their living. Others are forced by a non-stable financial situation in families. Some are just looking for extra cash for entertainment. It does not matter why you want to work. It matters how you are going to combine your job with studies.

For Which Position to Apply?

Of course, a lot depends on your specialization. If you are studying in a medical college, you will unlikely have enough time for studies without even mentioning work. However, if you intend to work in a related field, you will get practical skills that will come in handy in your future career. For example, you can look for the position of an assistant or nurse and find custom paper writing help services. In this way, you will free a couple of hours and spend this time acquiring practical experience instead of mastering philosophy or other disciplines that are not specific.

When it comes to students of medical, legal, or similar establishments, though, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons. Sacrificing studies may lead to not getting valuable knowledge that is much more important than extra cash.

If You Have Decided to Work

After evaluating all the benefits and pitfalls, you have decided to find a job. It is an adult decision. But you need to approach it like an adult as well. Here are the recommendations that are worth your attention.

1.    Prioritize Correctly

Remember, you have not quitted studies but have decided to combine your education with work. It is ok if you are not writing every single assignment on your own. But when your job requires all the time, and there is no possibility to devote yourself to studies, it is always better to choose in favor of education. Otherwise, the years you have already finished and paid for will be wasted.

In the case of financial problems and impossibility to work, find out which loan programs your college can support and get in touch with the relevant financial establishment. Numerous students get their loan applications approved.

2.    Sacrifice Some Entertainment

A day has only 24 hours, and a regular person can’t study, work, and go out with friends every day. If you have decided to work, stick to this decision. Of course, you need to relax. Give preference to days off and make sure that you are not missing an important deadline for a paper or assignment to be submitted.

3.    Plan & Stick to Your Schedule

Adult decisions require an adult approach. Every evening, sit down and write the plans for tomorrow. It will be useful if you learn to correctly determine how much time you need for every point on your list. Do not forget to take commuting into account.

You should make your daily plans together with weekly ones. As soon as you get a new task at work, note it in your planner with the deadline. The same refers to tasks and assignments for college. If you learn to plan, this will be a great contribution to your future. Planning is one of the key steps to being effective and becoming successful in life.


If you have decided to find a job, this can become the first step in your career. Even if this job has nothing to do with the specialization you are studying. Not all people get jobs in the fields of their education. Besides, every practical experience is always useful. After all, you will learn how to communicate with people and work in a team. In general, it is a good idea. But before making such a decision, weigh all the pros and cons. If in doubt, talk to parents or any other adult person you trust. It is always wise to listen to someone with experience.

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