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Expert Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Pets

November 5, 2020

Our furry friends give us so much joy and happiness because they are not just pets, but also members of our family. Even though there are so many positive aspects of having a dog, cat, or any other animal, there is one thing that isn’t so pleasant – cleaning up after them.

That’s the part no one is looking forward to doing, however, if we want to live in a clean household, that’s an obligation we cannot avoid. Most pet owners know what it’s like to clean after them and how frequently messy accidents happen.

Our duty, in that case, is to efficiently get rid of the dirt and mess to keep our house smelling and looking good. If this is your first time being a pet parent and everything is still new to you, carefully go through these tips to see how you can cope with the newly formed situation.

Great Ways To Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning Upholstery And Furniture

It doesn’t matter whether your dog or cat is rarely or frequently outside, if you own a pet, a vacuum cleaner is going to become your new best friend. The pros from How To Home state that vacuuming the bed, sofa, or pillows are a must in this case because they are highly likely filled with hair.

Start by utilizing the attachments to get deep into corners of the sofa or any other furniture. This is the place where fur resides. Besides this, you can also use a sponge and run it smoothly along the upholstery surface. 

This is a very fast strategy that is going to help you get rid of pet hair. The fur that stays on the sponge can easily be removed by washing it away.

A Pet’s Bed

You know how in most cases we think of washing this bed only when we receive a negative comment about how dirty it is. Well, to avoid that, you need to clean it at least once a week. Why so often, you probably wonder?

Well, it’s because you will successfully destroy bacteria and other harmful things, like parasites. To accomplish this, you can use a fragrance-free detergent. This is important because both dogs and cats have very sensitive noses. 

What’s Next?

A Storage For Toys

Most dogs and cats simply adore toys, and that’s completely fine. However, if they tend to bring them outside, these things can mess up your floors. The best solution, in that case, is to find a box or basket where you will be able to chuck all these toys, bones, and other things they love. If you own a dog, maybe you should train him to put toys away after he is done playing.

Keep Them Clean

Both cats and dogs tend to be very messy, especially dogs. They even love to spill the water when drinking, luckily, water doesn’t leave any stains. Now, once you start taking them for a walk, it is time to set up a certain cleaning routine.

First, consider grooming them as soon as you come home. When it comes to bathing them, you should purchase a pet shampoo. It doesn’t have to be used frequently, because a simple wash with water will do the job. 

Cats especially do not require any shampoo; dogs do, but as we mentioned previously, do it occasionally, not all the time. In case you are having a dog that has a lot of furs, consider de-shedding and trimming. If you are not experienced in this, hire a professional groomer.

Cleaning A Litter Box

No one enjoys cleaning a litter box, but that’s something that must be done unless you can live with an unpleasant stench and mess. It would be good if you could scoop twice per day and replace all litter once per week.

We know that this may seem a bit too much, but you do not want to constantly feel the stinky litter, plus if your cat cannot handle it either, she may start “doing her job” somewhere else in the house.

How can you properly clean it? Start by scrubbing the box with lukewarm water and pet-friendly dish soap. Wash it off really good and then let it dry. Now, if you are pregnant, it’s recommendable to use gloves and wash your hands as soon as you are done to decrease the risk of getting toxoplasmosis.

Although they can “destroy” a room in a minute, especially when they are little, we forgive them for everything! It’s up to us to clean after them to make sure that both our furry kids and we live in a nice-looking home. These suggestions will be of service if you want to achieve that!

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