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NEW MUSIC: Johanna Warren Releases Grunge-Inspired “TWISTED” Music Video

Florida native, singer-songwriter Johanna Warren released her album CHAOTIC GOOD in April. Today she shares the new music video from the album for her ferocious single “Twisted,” a song that is substantially different than her usual sweet melodies of folky, acoustic tunes. Pitchfork called the song “unusually explosive” and that about nails it. You’ll see the wide swing of her music if you compare the videos below. TWISTED is “A love letter to 90s grunge,” said Warren,”and a personal psycho-magic ritual about polarity, gender, fame and desire. The concept for this video has been haunting me for a couple years now.”

Warren filmed the video in rural Wales where she fled to with her partner Richey when the Covid-19 pandemic struck.


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