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Top 10 Staycations in the US 

Why leave home when we have 2,800 miles of the most notable towns, cities, countryside, and coastline to explore. The U.S is so diverse that you can experience extreme heat or cold, and you can sunbathe in the morning, and ski in the afternoon. Not to mention the rich and diverse culture that runs through the entire country. But remember to always check before you travel, especially if it’s across state lines. 

Still, there’s no doubt that having a staycation is an exciting prospect, so let’s look at the ten top staycations to give you some novel ideas for this year’s holiday.

10 – Bar Harbor – Maine

Bar Harbor’s location along Frenchman Bay means that travelers are spoiled with soothing water views, as well as rugged coastlines that look like a nature painting.  Not only that, but the town’s old-world charm makes it feel as if you’ve stepped out of real-life and walked into the pages of a romance novel. If you love your food, this is the place to be, American cuisine at it’s finest with a local lobster specialty. Perfect in every way. 

Now let’s jet off to California

9 – San Diego 

Frequently hot and sunny weather, along with 70 miles of magnificent coastline, are what draw sun-seekers and active types to San Diego throughout the year, and why not? With delicious Mexican cuisine and a thriving nightlife, especially near the historic Gaslamp Quarter. Eat, drink, and make merry. That’s what folks do in San Diego and 2021 will be no different.

From San Diego to Maui. 

8 – Why Not Go To Maui

For many visitors to Hawaii, Maui is just right, not as large as the Big Island, or as small as Lanai, as busy as Oahu, or as secluded as Kauai. Maui offers a taste of just about everything in the Aloha State, from impressive wildlife to intriguing history and culture. While on a visit here, snorkel with five different types of sea turtles or bask on Hawaii’s most notable beaches. So exotic and picturesque and the good news is you won’t need your passport to visit.

Next stop New York. 

7 – Visit New York

Nowhere is more powerful than the Big Apple, a complete blend of big-city splendor with small-town charm. Enjoy iconic landmarks and towering skyscrapers, vibrant culture that permeates each of the city’s distinctive neighborhoods and boroughs. Get ready to peruse the racks of the sleek shops lining Fifth Avenue; admire the cutting-edge art collections at the MoMA and the Met. Catch a memorable show on Broadway (when they come back on). As the most populous city in the U.S, set at the forefront of everything, NYC requires stamina, but what a place!

From one ‘new’ city to another.

6 –  New Orleans 

For a completely different staycation, why not visit New Orleans? N.O. is known for its European-style architecture, mouth-watering Creole cuisine, and all-around good-time vibes. Even if you don’t make it to Mardi Gras, you’ll still find a party year-round, with revelers pouring out of Bourbon Street until the small hours of the morning and a party of some description every weekend, it’s the place to be.

If you’re looking for a slower pace to life…

5 – Go To Lake Tahoe

Had enough of the big cities, why not go to Lake Tahoe? Sitting on the California-Nevada border, Lake Tahoe has long been a favorite vacation spot. Visitors come to see the steep granite cliffs and towering mountaintops, as well as the crystal-clear waters that have earned Lake Tahoe the reputation of being one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire United States. However, it’s not all nature and stunning scenery; Lake Tahoe has adopted the significant traits of San Francisco. It has high-end shopping and dining along the lake’s north shore, while opportunities to test your luck reside in the south shore’s Reno-Esque casinos. All this makes Lake Tahoe a fantastic place to visit.

From Lake Tahoe to the mountains.

4 – It’s Not Just Skiing in Aspen

Aspen has winter wonderland status, and few destinations can compare to Aspen. The most scenic mountain town is straight out of a snow globe, the main draw here is skiing, and there are four premier ski areas nearby that cater for all levels. But there’s more to Aspen than winter sports: With great shopping, fascinating museums, and art galleries, there’s always a fun festival to enjoy. All in all, Aspen is more than just skiing.

If you’re seeking a warmer climate then look no further.

3 – Miami Rocks


Anyone tired of Miami is tired of life. Take some diverse cultures, add the arts and a splash of brilliant blue ocean, and you have Miami. One of the most popular tourist destinations and spectacular city skylines in the entire U.S. With South Beach in front and the Everglades behind you, you can walk through the bustling streets past historical homes with an atmosphere of the Caribbean. You really can go wrong, and if you do, someone will point you in the right direction. 

Now for a city that needs no introduction.

2 – Las Vegas

Hello party central! America’s playground is the entertainment capital of the U.S. We think of Vegas as a theme park rather than a city, it can overwhelm, but that’s part of the appeal. There are tons of activities and cheap things to do in Vegas like watching shows, visiting museums, or simply strolling around. You can opt for the traditional casino getaway complete with all-night sit-ins at the roulette wheel or about total luxury with visits to hotel spas, stunning boutiques, and top-class gourmet restaurants. 

Las Vegas is also a great starting point for outdoor activities; you can go hiking in Red Rock Canyon or visiting the Hoover Dam. You can bring the kids along; they will love the Cirque du Soleil and the fountain show at the Bellagio hotel, and big kids will love the Neon Museum.

Last stop…

1 – Washington, D.C.

Right now, it’s the place to be with its marbled monuments and high-profile politicians. D.C. is transitioning into a thriving cultural hub. You can choose a traditional D.C. tour with classic attractions like the White House and the Washington Monument, the U.S capitol, and the Smithsonian National Museum, or you can go off the beaten track. Stroll around the Tidal Basin in April, and you’ll be rewarded with a canopy of beautiful pink blooms. While you’ll only need a few days to see the city as you know it from your history book, it could take months to find out what makes D.C tick.


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