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Dear Auntie Answers Readers Questions on Love and Relationships

 Dear Auntie

                                  By D.Scott


Dear Auntie: I’ve been listening to your podcasts for years. It seems you always get with men with the money. I know you’re older and have a certain look to you. I’m younger, educated and I’m attractive. Every time I meet a man he’s always broke. You make it seem so easy to get a man with money. I don’t get it. Please help me find a sugar daddy. I know you can help me. You preach it. Teach it. 



Dear Anonymous:You young ladies always think you are entitled to information. You tickle me. Thank you for listening to my podcasts. If you were actually listening you would know my history with men. YES they all had a certain level of wealth. YES they found me and not the other way around. YES I was cared for financially and emotionally. The part of the show you skipped over is the part where I literally have 5 jobs. I work. Nonstop. There were  also levels of abuse. Typically financial abuse. Then emotional. Sometimes physical.  

The fact that you keep meeting or consorting with “broke” men is very telling. What is it about you that attracts this broke litter of men? I wouldn’t know. I’ve had men specifically tell me they were going to get themselves together before they even asked me out. 

Sugar daddies don’t really exist anymore. Nobody has extra money to care for adult children. Maybe a Splenda daddy here and there but not a real sugar daddy. Men are understanding that they can build or merge with someone like minded and equally yoked. They don’t have to pay up front for pleasure or time. A sugar baby used to be a symbol of status and wealth. Women were unscathed and not ran through. A real prize to a man. Something sacred and a secret. Not like y’all now.  There were rules. You young women don’t like the rules. You want to photograph everything and post it. You want to call the house all hours of the night and cry. You want him to leave his actual relationship for you. It’s comical. A young attractive woman who is educated thinks a man should give her money for that. I can’t stop laughing. Honestly, is that all you think you have to do? You aren’t strong enough to handle having a sugar daddy. These are grown men that are not going to change. You are part of their mid life crisis. The money seems great until you total up your losses. Loss of time and space to allow someone to love you and truly care for you on many levels. Money comes with abundance in health and happiness. 

When a man is taking care of you there are ALWAYS side effects and consequences. Don’t let social media make you feel like you deserve gifts for having sex. You don’t know what those girls had to do or endure to get that money. Although I believe all relationships are transactional, it doesn’t mean I’m with a sugar daddy. He works. I work. He has more resources than I do. If he wants to see me happy he helps me. If I want to see him happy I bring him gifts.  If not, we go weeks with no contact. Months with no physical. All of that for $5? Hardly seems worth it. Especially when I was doing fabulous prior to meeting him. You don’t sound like you’re doing fabulous. You sound desperate. Desperation comes with a scent. That scent repels men with money and respect. You don’t want a sugar daddy you want a fool. Fools retaliate too darlin. Get back to work and align yourself with your own kind. Abundance attracts abundance. Raggedy attracts raggedy. Please watch my video on Instagram about this via @tinyandbrave for our Monday night chats about these topics. For the record the game is to be sold not told. 



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