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NEW MUSIC: Toronto based WizTheMC releases fun music video “ALL MY FRIENDS ARE STONED”

On the same day the U.S. House of Representatives voted to decriminalize weed, singer and rapper WizTheMc dropped the music video for his song “All My Friends Are Stoned,” out now via 10K Projects/Homemade Projects. The easy-going anthem was recently released as part of his EP What About Now, a collection of 7 songs, written by WizTheMc. Described by VMAN Magazine as “your new musical obsession,” WizTheMc notes that “All My Friends Are Stoned” and its music video are a nod to his “stoner high school years,” hanging out with friends, smoking joints, and playing video games. Next week, WizTheMc will follow up the music video with a series of live performance videos to close out the year, showcasing songs from What About Now, including “All My Friends Are Stoned.”

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