Image: Wallis publicity photo
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NEW MUSIC: Wallis a talented 15 year-old, unknown singer/songwriter from Philly releases her first music video “LONELY CHRISTMAS”

15-year-old WALLIS, an unknown singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, has continued to create despite the challenges of 2020. She has a rich and beautiful voice that is mature beyond her years. The music video was filmed on her father’s iPhone at her home and neighborhood, including a visit to her grandparents’ house with her two sisters in tow. After only two days on YouTube, the video was shared on Reddit’s r/Music subreddit, where it became an immediate success- even reaching Reddit’s What’s Hot page! WALLIS‘s music video has now gained over 95,000 views on YouTube, over 23,000 views on Instagram, and her newly created social media profiles are blowing up.

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