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Art Is Essential – Here’s How To Display It At Home

Art is a major part of what makes a house a home. It’s how we express our personal style, shape an otherwise neutral space, and highlight our passions. Still, it’s not enough to simply own some art if you don’t know what to do with it. No, to make your mark, you need to find ways that display your collection – and these 5 approaches are museum-worthy.

Curate A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have gone in and out of style over the years, but for people who want to display a lot of art, they’re often the best way to draw the eye and create visual interest. The key is to display different sized pieces together, creating a kind of collage on your wall. You can even use different frame styles, add some mirrors, and stagger the pieces for a one-of-a-kind display.

Scale It Up

Many people take a conservative approach when it comes to selecting art, displaying primarily smaller pieces, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking to create an elegant focal point, sometimes your best option is to go bold. Displaying one oversize piece of art can draw the different elements of a room together, and create an elegant, cohesive space.

Shelve It

Not all art can be or should be hung on a wall, which is why every collector needs shelving where they can display their art. And, while there are many different options, including placing art on bookshelves, mantles, and the like, an even better option is to install sleek glass shelving that can hold your collections. Additionally, figurines, statues, and other fragile pieces can be placed behind glass cabinet fronts to protect them from damage. Shelving is also ideal for very small works, which might best be placed on easels on the shelves.

Add Dimension

We often reduce the idea of art to photos, paintings, and statues, but art is a much broader category than that. Add some dimension to your space by hanging unusual artifacts like baskets, driftwood, trays, or your best antique market findings. Bold, textured pieces, antique windows, and old show signs can add whimsy to your kitchen or entryway and complement more traditional décor.

Think Vertically

When displaying art, most people think horizontally, exploring the expanse of the space along a standard line of vision – but there are strategic advantages to thinking vertically when deciding how to place art, as well. Consider hanging art in a high, vertical stack, or placing pieces over a door if you have high ceilings. For particularly high placements, consider staggering multiple pieces of art, so that the lowest point is easily seen and draws the eye up. This can also make your room look larger, making it a great optical trick for small spaces.

There’s no wrong way to display your personal art collection because the goal is to create something that reflects your personal aesthetic, but we all need some inspiration sometimes. These display styles offer a great starting point, but you can riff on them in countless ways. Do what feels right, and don’t be afraid to change it up as the mood strikes. You’re the curator of your own personal museum.

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