Balkan Taksim facebook photo by Andra Aron
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NEW MUSIC: Bucharest’s improv artist Balkan Taksim brings Romanian grooves to the world

Balkan Taksim is Bucharest-based multi-instrumentalist Sa?a-Liviu Stoianovici and electronica-producer Alin Z?br?u?eanu, frequently joined by other artists on percussion, vocals, etc. The music is a unique mix traditional Balkan folk instrumetns combined with digital beats, bass lines, synth sounds and vocals.  Sa?a-Liviu Stoianovici might decide to play any number of different instruments on a song, bagpipes, cobza, gaida, lute, citeli, tamburica, the Turkish Saz, just about anything he can get his hands on.

Their latest video “Andolka” is superb. It’s a story of hidden passion told so clearly and simply using only subdued facial expressions. This video is something filmmakers should study.

Balkan Taksim facebook photo, Sa?a-Liviu Stoianovici, Balkan Taksim vocalist, and electronica-producer Alin Z?br?u?eanu,
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