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NEW MUSIC: Irish rock band The Midnight Preachers released their new single titled “MEXICO” 

Formed in the north-west of Ireland in late 2017, The Midnight Preachers blasted onto the Irish music scene with a distinctive sound. The band is Eoghan MacSheain (vocals/guitar/piano) &  Emer McLaughlin  (vocals/bass). The band’s approach is to leave more to the imagination of the listener. Featuring rich vocal harmonies, Fender Rhodes piano, and classic rock style riffs, their ?rst single “California” debuted at #2 on iTunes in Ireland, on New Years Day 2018. The first single off of the EP, “Pusher Woman” received rave reviews and was featured on Classic Rock’s Tracks of the Week.

“Mexico is a song about doing what you need to do in life and making bold decisions to separate yourself from the pack,” says Eoghan MacSheain.




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